Do you ever wonder how companies in the heating and cooling business can offer you a heating or air conditioning tune up for just $39 or $49?  Wouldn't they lose money on that sort of offer? How much could they really “tune up” your system for just $39? 

At Woodfin, we often warn customers to beware the high cost of the low price, as it relates to these sorts of “too good to be true” tune-up offers. The fact of the matter is, a $39 tune up that doesn't properly address your systems needs in preparation for high usage is not a wise investment.  Just like with anything else… often get what you pay for!

A Spring Special from Woodfin!  

This spring, Woodfin is proud to offer our detailed 16 Point Precision Tune-Up and System Evaluation” for just $89, through June 20th (the last day of spring)!   No gimmicks.  No sales tricks.  Just the peace of mind in knowing that your comfort system is safe, clean and efficient going into peak season, which can help lower energy costs. 

The Benefits on Routine Maintenance

Being in the comfort business, it does surprise us how often we hear “why do I need to tune up my system anyway? It’s only 5 years old!”  Most people understand that cars would break down quickly without routine maintenance, but those same folks don’t necessarily understand the need/value of routine maintenance for their air conditioning system.  Make no mistake, regular and thorough maintenance is critical to extending the life of your cooling system and to making sure it operates at peak efficiency.  

Did you know the main cause of mechanical failure on your A/C system is attributed to dirt?  Here's a few facts to consider:

  • 9 out of 10 HVAC system failures are caused by dirt and dust.
  • A build up of just 0.01 of an inch of dirt or film on an indoor coil can reduce its efficiency by 5% and 0.042 inches of dirt can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%.
  • A dirty indoor coil, outdoor coil or fan could increase cooling electrical usage by 50% or more.

The potential for major issues from minor dirt and dust buildups is the #1 reason why regular tune-ups are so important to the life of your cooling system.  If you're wondering what the other 99 reasons are, it's the $99 (or more) you'll save on your utility bill!

The 16-Point Precision Tune-Up and System Evaluation

Just like everything else we do, our 16-Point Precision Tune-Up is thorough, well researched and highly efficient.  Simply put….we know how to extend the life of your equipment, lower energy costs, increase reliability, increase capacity and give you the peace of mind you need!  Below, we've outlined our 16 Point process, to give you a better understanding of exactly the type of effort and attention we give your system during this $89 Tune Up specials:

  1. Install Gauges and check operating pressure and temperatures
  2. Measure superheat and fine-tune the refrigerant charge
  3. Check refrigerant connections and search for major leaks
  4. Chemically clean the condenser coil (as needed)
  5. Inspect start and run capacitors for bulges, rusting or leaks
  6. Safety test all controls and relays for proper operation
  7. Lubricate all motors and moving parts as needed
  8. Test operation and condition of compressor contacts
  9. Inspect and safety test all wiring and connections
  10. Check Voltage and amperage of motors; Test for worn bearings
  11. Evaluate air filter condition; Clean or replace with customer supplied filters
  12. Inspect tension and condition of bower belts; Adjust blower speed if necessary on direct drive blowers
  13. Test “temperature drop” between supply and return air
  14. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow
  15. Clean and adjust thermostat if needed; Make sure equipment is operating from the thermostat
  16. Inspect condition of evaporator coil and drain pan, if accessible

If you are interested in learning more about other Tune-Ups and System Evaluations that we offer, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, call Woodfin today at 730-5000 or contact Woodfin online! Remember, this offer is good only through June 20th, 2014 and we are booking appointments fast!  

By Kelly Williams