You're sneezing. You're wheezing. Your eyes are itchy and your nose is running. It must be allergy season!

Fortunately, you don't have to live with the discomfort of spring allergies, thanks to Woodfin's highly effective indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions.

The air you breathe may not be as clean as you think
Tightly sealed and insulated homes are great at keeping the warmth inside during the winter ... but that also means that some pretty nasty things are trapped indoors, too - like dust, odors, chemical fumes, pet dander, irritants, microscopic insects, mold, mildew, viruses, and more. And, every time you open the doors and windows to let the warm air in this spring, pollen from trees, weeds and grasses enter your home.

We feature high-quality indoor air quality solutions, including:

▪ Whole-house air filtration systemswhich work with your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) systems to remove nearly all airborne pollutants

▪ Air purifier systemswhich employ the same technology used by hospitals and high-tech factories to purify their air

▪ Germicidal UV lightswhich destroy mold spores and bacteria that threaten your family’s health and comfort

▪ Fresh air systemswhich can solve your stale air problem by adding consistent ventilation throughout your home

▪ Air duct cleaningwhich creates cleaner air and allows for greater comfort system efficiency and performance

▪ Dehumidifier and humidifier systemswhich works with your heating and cooling systems

▪ Air quality testingwhich identifies contaminants in your home’s indoor air so that Woodfin can offer the best solution

For air duct cleaning, a humidifier, an air purifier and more, trust Woodfin!
Whether you need air duct cleaning, a humidifier, an air purifier or any of our other effective systems, Woodfin will help you breathe easier and stay healthier all year long. Call our IAQ specialists now at 804-730-5000 or contact us for a custom indoor air quality consultation. And see below about our unbeatable air conditioning systems!

Combine Your Indoor Air Quality System with a New AC System!
We have some great pre-season offers on new central air conditioners. Our HVAC professionals will install your new air conditioner quickly and professionally and, of course, we offer expert air conditioning repair. We also install the newest ductless air conditioning systems, which cool your home without ductwork! Need a thermostat? We install the latest wireless and wi-fi thermostats to help you lower your air conditioning bills.

For a new central air conditioner, a modern ductless air conditioning system, a thermostat and more, trust Woodfin!
Whether you're considering a new air conditioner, an innovative ductless air conditioning system, an energy-saving thermostat, or expert AC repair, let Woodfin's HVAC experts do the job right! Contact us for details.

By Kelly Williams