Home energy conservation is a great way to save this heating season, but where should you start? We can offer you hundreds of different energy saving tips, but one place that you can save the most is in your attic. An under-insulated attic provides an easy escape for air and can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted fuel each winter!

Here are six tips to ensure you aren’t leaking money out of your attic:

  1. Air-seal your attic before you insulate.
  2. Install attic vents to control moisture and keep the attic cooler in the hotter months.
  3. Don’t over-pack insulation as this will minimize its effectiveness. Don’t forget in Virginia it’s recommended to install R38 to R60 insulation in ceilings, R38 in walls, and R25 to R30 under floors.
  4. Make sure blown-in insulation is evenly distributed with no low spots.
  5. Don’t forget to insulate and weather-strip the door to your attic.
  6. Insulate other important areas, such as walls and floors over unheated spaces.

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By Kelly Williams