It’s not always easy to tell how much fuel you’re going to need over the course of the heating season. These few months out of the year, when Richmond, VA homeowners depend most on Your Home Team at Woodfin for prompt and accurate deliveries, there’s no replacement for our automatic delivery service.

You’ll benefit from automatic delivery if any of these qualities apply to you or your household:

  • You enjoy a hands-off approach to your comfort, preferring to leave fuel tracking up to someone else (us!).
  • Your lifestyle keeps you busy, or out of the house. With automatic delivery, you don’t have to be home to receive or pay for each delivery.
  • You head south for the winter. If your home remains vacant for a while during winter, and you run out of fuel, cold temperatures could cause burst pipes and costly water damage. No one wants to come home to that! Keeping your tank full can help prevent these situations.

Our computer monitored Watchdog Automatic Delivery Service lets us watch your fuel levels and determine when a delivery will be necessary, and make deliveries accordingly. You’ll only pay for fuel you receive, and you won’t receive fuel unless it’s necessary! Contact us online to find out how easy it is to receive automatic heating oil deliveries from Woodfin.