When an air conditioner turns on, it creates a surge of electricity that can damage or degrade other electronic equipment in your home. This is true with other large appliances as well, like a washer/dryer or backup generator. A whole-house surge protector can help prevent damage to your circuits, appliances and other sensitive electronics. 

Furthermore, LED lights have circuit boards and microprocessors within them, just like our hair dryers, televisions and computers. These circuit boards and microprocessors are fragile and can be damaged by an electrical surge. When surges occur in the home, they’re typically short and intense bursts of electricity that can fry your electronics 

Surge protectors should be installed in two locations: one at the electrical panel and another at the point of use. Surges are typically sent back by appliances toward the panel, where a surge protector can absorb the extra current. Surge protection at the point of use can protect those extra-sensitive electronics like charger-connected laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Woodfin offers whole house surge protection packages so you can cover all of your bases when it comes to protecting your appliances and electronics from power surges – especially when there’s greater draw of electricity, like the summer cooling season or winter heating season. Contact Woodfin today and start protecting your home from power surges.

By Kelly Williams