We’re always talking about how important tune-ups are, and you likely already know that during these tune-ups our expert technicians are thoroughly checking your home heating and cooling equipment to ensure it is safe to use and ready for the season.

But have you ever wondered about the steps we take while performing these tune-ups? Just for fun, take a look at what’s involved in our 15-Point Precision Heat Pump Tune- Up and System Evaluation:

1. Install gauges and check operating pressure and temperatures

2. Measure superheat and fine-tune the refrigerant charge

3. Check refrigerant connections and search for major leaks

4. Chemically clean the condenser coil (if needed)

5. Inspect, start and run capacitors for bulges, rusting or leaks

6. Safety test all controls and relays for proper operation

7. Lubricate all motors and moving parts as required

8. Test operation and condition of compressor contacts and supplemental electric heaters and sequencers

9. Inspect and safety test all wiring and connections

10. Check voltage and amperage of motors; test for worn bearings

11. Evaluate air filter condition; clean or replace with customer-supplied filters

12. Inspect tension and condition of blower belts; adjust; lower speed, if necessary, on direct drive blowers

13. Test defrost initiation mode and reversing valve for proper operation

14. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow and clean and adjust thermostat if needed; make sure equipment is operating from the thermostat

15. Inspect condition of evaporator coil and drain pan if accessible.

This is how we do our due diligence when it comes to keeping your comfort system in tip-top shape! Remember to keep all of your home comfort systems running with regular tune-ups from Your Home Team! Call or contact us online today to learn more.