Everybody knows that a ceiling fan is great for keeping your home cool during the summer months; it works on its own or in conjunction with your air conditioning, providing you with a pleasant breeze that simply sets you at ease. But you could be overlooking a nifty little feature that can get your ceiling fan off the bench and into the game this heating season.

Grab your stepladder and take a closer look at your fan (make sure it’s off first). Almost all ceiling fan models have a small switch located somewhere along the base. In its normal functioning mode, your ceiling fan rotates in a counter-clockwise direction and thus produces that familiar outward blow of cool air. But with a flick of the aforementioned switch, the fan will reverse directions and spin clockwise. This will produce a gentle draft that brings warm air (which naturally rises to the ceiling) downward; the downdraft will assist your heating equipment by helping to circulate and repurpose the warm air that has already risen past you. As a result, you won’t have to push your boiler or furnace quite so hard. In fact, utilizing your ceiling fan can cut your heating costs by as much as 10 percentWho knew that such a little switch could make such a big difference?

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By Kelly Williams