This July 4th, we’ll be seeing a lot of red, white and blue, as we celebrate our nation’s independence.
All year long, however, we can celebrate our energy independence, by going green with biofuels – the next big thing in home heating! 
This exciting new Oilheat innovation is biodegradable, renewable and is a combination of heating oil and soybean oil, which makes it “green”! Biofuels is not only good for your heating system, the environment, and America, but Virginia, too!
Heating your home with biofuels yields many benefits:
  • Domestically grown, it supports American agriculture and limits the amount of oil we import from foreign countries.
  • It burns cleaner than “regular” Oilheat, reducing emissions.
  • With the highest BTU content of any renewable fuel, biofuel is fuel that you can rely on for satisfying warmth.
  • No modifications are required to your heating system; and it is delivered the same way regular heating oil is delivered to your home.
  • Costing about the same as Oilheat, biofuels isn't more expensive.
  • Woodfin uses biodiesel produced from Virginia soybeans - every $1,000 of Virginia biofuels creates $2,000 - $3,000 of economic activity in our state.
If you’d like to learn more, or to switch to biofuels, please contact us.
Happy 4th of July from Woodfin!

By Kelly Williams