The impending seasonal change from summer to fall means that leaves will start to change color, a new TV season will be starting and Halloween is right around the corner. This change also means the temperature will begin to drop and you will need to turning up your home’s heat. Here are Woodfin’s cold weather energy-conservation tips to keep your energy bills as low as possible:

Schedule a heating system tune-up: Your heating bills will be at their lowest when your heating system is working at peak efficiency. Contact Woodfin to sign up for a Comfort Protection Plan that will include a 15-Point Precision Tune-Up & System Evaluation.

Lower your thermostat: Make sure your thermostat isn’t up while you are at work or asleep. Installing a programmable thermostat can help make sure you don’t forget to lower the temperature!

Insulate your attic: Properly insulating your attic is one of the biggest energy saving measures you can take. An under-insulated attic gives heat an easy escape from your home.

Seal your home: Allowing a cold draft to enter your home can lead to a huge waste of energy. Make sure that you have a sealed crawl space and to keep your home as warm as possible.

Contact Woodfin today to find out how we can help you conserve energy and keep your home heating bills down.


By Kelly Williams