In August of 2011, Hurricane Irene hit the east coast and left many homes without power. Hurricane Sandy further devastated Virginia in October 2012 and left thousands of residents in the dark. Before we get into the heart of this year’s hurricane season, get a generator to keep your family safe and comfortable when the next big storm hits!

While hurricane season has been quiet early on, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center predicts a 70 percent chance of an “above-normal” hurricane season in the Atlantic. It expects 13-to-19 named storms, six-to-nine hurricanes and three-to-five major hurricanes.* The Woodfin team hopes that these storms don’t wreak havoc on our area, but we know that it’s always better to safe than sorry!

Installing a generator in your home will keep your family safe during these potential storms.  A home generator will ensure that your house is warm, comfortable and that your lights remain on. It will also save you from having to throw out the food from your refrigerator or wasting gas while charging your cell phone in your car.

Emergency backup generators automatically start when the power goes out and provide emergency power until main power is restored. At Woodfin, we offer propane generators and natural gas generators and will help you find an option that best suits your home. Our generators come in several different capacities, so you will be able to choose which appliances and equipment to keep active during the outage.

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By Kelly Williams