“Out of sight, out of mind”, that’s how you might describe your attic. This may be especially true if you only use it to hide the knick-knacks you have no room for, but can’t bring yourself to throw away. There’s something else you’re using your attic for and you may not even realize it: storing heat.

Through the summer months, when the temperatures outside can reach into the 90s and higher, your attic can get even hotter if there isn’t any proper ventilation or air circulation. Excessive heat in the attic can affect the way your home feels down below, and your air conditioning system will have to work that much harder.

In addition, some recessed lighting fixtures are equipped with an internal safety feature that causes them to shut off when they reach certain temperatures. A hot attic can cause these to constantly shut off, but that’s the best-case scenario. If recessed lights don’t have this feature, they can overheat and cause bulbs to constantly burn out or turn into a potential fire hazard.

Installing an attic fan will keep air circulating and temperatures down. Many models include internal thermostats to automate the cycles based on the attic air temperature. This will keep equipment from overheating, reduce the strain on your air conditioning system, and also provide relief for any technicians who have to work up there! Call Woodfin before your attic has a chance to get too hot, and ask how an attic fan can save you from any future cooling issues.

By Kelly Williams