Did you know that a home with adequate insulation can result in energy savings in addition to improved comfort levels? Here’s how!

  • You won’t be cold in one room and feeling warm in another thanks to the even temperatures in your properly insulated home.

  • Proper insulation will keep all of the warm or cool air you pay for inside your home, which can help prevent your energy bills from increasing year to year from escaping air!

  • When there’s enough insulation between the environment outside and the environment inside, you’ll avoid any moisture that might develop from the different temperatures.

  • Having enough insulation around doors and windows can help keep the warm spring and summer air from entering the home.

  • With adequate insulation, it helps keep excess moisture from high humidity out of your home.

Are you worried your home isn’t insulated enough? Don’t be! Woodfin knows all about proper insulation and weatherization for protecting your home and family against all of Virginia’s seasonal weather. Give us a call to learn more!