New regulations took effect Jan 1, 2023 that increases the minimum efficiency of new air conditioners and heat pumps, and changes the testing procedures to more accurately determine their efficiency ratings. These new laws will help homeowners use less electricity and help lower their energy bills. On the other hand, the new systems are going to be more expensive, and we will not be able to sell or install older units. Visit to find out more.

The Good News:

The Department of Energy has changed the minimum efficiency levels required for all new air conditioners and heat pumps. With an efficiency increase of about 7%, new systems will deliver more cooling (and heating) while using less energy. Higher efficiencies translate to lower electricity costs. That’s good news for homeowners across the country.

The In-Between News:

The change happened quickly. Any system purchased from manufacturers after the New Year will have to meet these higher standards. Adding to the complexity: the efficiency standards are being modified as well, so it may be difficult to compare old and new systems.

The Bad News–And What to Do About It:

With higher efficiency guessed it... higher initial costs for the equipment and the installation. While this is an investment that will reap lower energy costs for years, many of our customers aren’t in a position to make that investment right now. Fortunately, we offer financing options that will fit your budget. Please visit for more information.*

Here's How to Beat the Higher Prices

  1. Call us to inspect your central air conditioner or heat pump today! We may find potential problems during routine maintenance before they create potential breakdowns.
  2. Replace or upgrade components. We can often replace system components rather than upgrade the entire heating system to extend its lifespan.
  3. Upgrade now before prices rise again. If your A/C or heat pump needs to be replaced, get started now. We can show you system options within your budget and help locate available financing and rebates. Don’t wait – with supply chain delays affecting production and shipping, we want to be sure to have your new system installed before you need it most.

We’re here to help, and can make this transition to higher efficiency heating and cooling as stress-free and affordable as possible. Please call us at (804) 730-5000 to schedule your system inspection and check-up, and to discuss other ways to increase your heating and cooling efficiencies.

*Financing with approved credit. No pre-payment penalties.