The fact of the matter is that the design of the heating system in your Richmond, Virginia household is just as important as the design of buildings, cars and more.

Without the proper eye for HVAC design, your heating and cooling equipment wouldn’t fit quite right, and wouldn’t be as efficient as it could be. Luckily Woodfin’s technicians know all about the factors that go hand in hand with proper system design.


It’s not as simple as “bigger is better.” When a furnace or heat pump is too large for a space, it heats up quickly. As a result, the equipment cycles more frequently (turning off when it reaches the set temperature) which causes greater wear and tear. When the equipment is too small, it runs indefinitely, constantly trying to make the room more comfortable but never reaching the set temperature. This results in more fuel or energy use and costs you more in the long run!


Duct sizing needs to be appropriate for the space in order to avoid loss of air temperature as conditioned air travels along the ductwork. Additionally, the length and specific path the air travels will play a large part in airflow. Ductwork with tight turns, odd angles and long runs can impede the level of comfort you’re feeling in your home.


Ventilation is a crucial part of your home comfort, and your health! Without proper venting, you can experience poor indoor air quality, and that leads to health issues ranging from difficulty sleeping to allergy flare-ups or asthma attacks.

Don’t trust just any company with your comfort, call or contact Your Home Team today and let us install the perfect heating system for your home!