Your central Virginia home is supposed to be your escape from the cold winter weather – but there are areas of your home that might contribute to lessening your comfort levels, such as the crawl space!

When temperatures drop, the crawl space of your home can impact your home in a multitude of ways, including…

Making Your Home Feel Colder

  • An unsealed crawl space will let the cold air in, these drafts of cold air can enter your home through vents, cracks and gaps in the structure and will rise up leaving you with colder walls and floors.

Increasing Moisture Buildup

  • Winter weather conditions produce wet soil, which can seep into the crawl space and evaporate into the air leading to a rapid growth of mold and fungi.

Promoting Condensation

  • With the cold, outdoor air sneaking in and mixing with the heated air, the resulting moisture can condense and form water droplets that settle in your crawl space. These droplets can create several issues including wood rot, insulation damage, mold growth and more.

Lowering the Quality of Air Indoors

  • The aforementioned moisture, in addition to leading to mold buildup, promotes the growth of bacteria that can create an unhealthy environment for the household. This can result in allergy flare-ups, asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses.

Increasing Heating Bills

  • Your heating system will be in a constant battle with the cold air that sneaks in through the crawl space, trying to heat up the space as it gets cooled more quickly than it should causing you to spend more on heating costs.

How can you avoid these issues in your home this winter? Your Home Team at Woodfin offers a crawl space encapsulation service that can help make your home a more comfortable place while potentially reducing your home energy bills by up to 40%.

Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more about this and our other indoor air quality services!