If you’re not careful, plumbing leaks could be your home’s worst nightmare. Leaks can cause major damage and can even create hazardous situations for you and your family. Luckily, no plumbing job is too big or too small for Woodfin’s expert plumbers. If you suspect a leak in your home, don’t wait to have it treated. Trust Woodfin with your minor problems before they can become major headaches and major repair costs.

Be on the lookout for leaks: Keeping an eye out for possible leaks is the first step in lowering costly repairs and minimizing damage to your home. The faster you can point out a water issue, the smaller the effect the leak will have on your walls, flooring and fixtures. Look out out for these common signals:

  1. In the shower: low water pressure, slow draining or a change in watercolor
  2. In the bathroom: excess water on the floor, loose tiles or damp walls hours after the tub has been was used
  3. In the kitchen: discolored water, a rattling noise when the sink is running, or warping or discolored floorboards

Water damage to walls: A plumbing leak might seem like a simple water problem, but if ignored, it could cause major damage to your walls. Leaks from pipes running behind walls can moisten the drywall, which results in wet spots. These leaks are often missed in the bathroom since hot showers and baths cause the walls to moisten. Look out for these common signals:

  1. Persistent wetness
  2. Musty smells

Water damage to flooring and fixtures: Be careful for damage to flooring. Water flows downhill, so leaks will pool on and under your floors, which can lead to very expensive replacements. Look out for these common signals:

  1. Loose tiles around the bathtub or shower
  2. Water on the floor after a bath or shower (not due to spills or splashing)
  3. Warped or discolored floorboards in the kitchen (especially near the dishwater or fridge)

When you call Your Home Team at Woodfin, a professional plumber will come to your home, assess the level of damage and make the appropriate suggestions and repairs. Woodfin is your complete solution when it comes to plumbing service, plumbing emergencies or plumbing upgrades. Don’t let a leak get out of hand, contact Woodfin before it’s too late.

By Kelly Williams