It’s a near-universal experience: you’re traveling and, halfway to your destination, you realize … I forgot to lock the front door! Your stomach drops and, much to the dismay of you and your passengers, you’re forced to turn around. It happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t have to. Instead, with the Woodfin Home Automation System, all you’d have to do is pull over, pull out your smartphone or tablet and press a button. Problem solved!

The Woodfin Home Automation System does much more than enable you to lock your doors from afar. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can:                    

  • Turn the lights on or off
  • Access your connected home appliances, from your cable box to your microwave and everything in between
  • Adjust your thermostat so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty home
  • Turn your water heater on and off
  • Monitor the inside and outside of your home on a live video feed
  • Manage the way your home consumes energy
  • And more!

Woodfin will integrate all of your equipment and appliances into a Home Automation System. We’ll hook up every component, from the light switches and locks to the energy meters and cameras. What’s more, if something happens, like a furnace malfunction, we’ll send an HVAC expert over to take a look.

Make sure your home is secure, no matter where you are. Just contact Your Home Team at Woodfin to get started with your Home Automation System.