Does your home suffer from uncomfortable temperature swings? Clammy conditions? Are you constantly experiencing inconsistent heating and air conditioning throughout various rooms in your home? If your answers are yes, it may be time to start thinking about a heating and/or air conditioning system with a variable speed unit.

A variable speed unit, also known as an ECM blower or variable speed blower, will keep your Richmond home or business consistently warm in the winter and constantly cool in the summer. The way it’s supposed to be!

Variable speed units automatically adjust a heating or air conditioning system’s airflow. Rather than blasting rooms with cool air this summer, an air conditioner with a variable speed unit will adjust airflow to meet the level of demand for air conditioning, which will leave you feeling not too hot and not too cold, but just right. The same goes for heating systems in the colder months.

Not only will a variable speed unit help your comfort system deliver greater comfort, it will also save you money and help you conserve more energy.

Maximize home comfort; minimize bills and more with a variable speed unit. To upgrade to a heating or air conditioning system with a variable speed unit for an affordable and fair price, contact us today.

Our heating and AC experts have helped thousands of Richmond area homeowners and businesses upgrade to modern comfort equipment in order to improve comfort and efficiency. Let us help you! We’ll assess your current system and find you the perfect comfort solution for your home, family and budget. Trust Your Home Team at Woodfin this summer and all-year round for all of your home comfort needs.

By Kelly Williams