Your mom cared for you when you were sick - this Mother's Day, May 13, you can do something nice for her, too - help her stay active, independent and well protected with a medical alert system from Woodfin's Security division.

Whether Mom is a senior living alone or a has medical or physical challenges, a medical alert system will give both of you the peace of mind knowing that help is available with the touch of a button.

A medical alert system offers these benefits:

  •     Automatic medication reminders
  •     Smoke, gas and flood detection
  •     Instant two-way, hands-free voice communication
  •     Remote socialization
  •     Inactivity monitoring
  •     Remote programmability
  •     Telemedicine capabilities
  •     Powerful speaker and speed dialing capabilities
  •     Plug-in installation

Quick response to a medical emergency can be the difference between a quick recovery, long-term disability, or life and death. Without a reliable system to summon help, you or your loved ones might wait hours for help to arrive. Our own employees have gotten medical alert systems for their moms, and swear by these life-savers.

Do Mom and yourself a favor this Mother's Day - contact us now about a medical alert system from Woodfin's Home Security division.

By Kelly Williams