If you are frightened at the thought of those volatile energy prices playing tricks on your family's budget, be spooked no longer! We have a great way to make heating costs more manageable this heating season: Woodfin's budget payment plan.

This convenient program takes your yearly energy cost and divides it into 12 equal monthly payments — no surprise bills in the mail. We estimate your monthly budget payment based on the previous year's fuel usage. If your actual fuel costs turn out to be a little higher or lower than estimated, we'll make adjustments along the way.

You may even include your Woodfin Oilheat Comfort Protection Plan costs in your budget payment plan to simplify bill paying!

Unlike other home comfort companies, we invite our customers to sign up for our budget plan after the heating season begins, and we work out your payments accordingly. So, don't delay — enjoy the "treats" of even payments throughout the year. Call 804-730-5000 and sign up today, or contact us

By Kelly Williams