Shopping around can be great, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s especially true when you’re shopping for complex items, like protection plans for your various home comfort systems. There are usually a lot of choices… and some plans can be paired with other plans… but only if that first plan is included in the gold membership plan and … it’s all a bit much, isn’t it? Well, Woodfin wants to make it easier on you, so we’ve combined all your home comfort system protection needs in our Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan.

Woodfin’s Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan offers everything you could need all in one place: heating, electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and security protection. You don’t have to jump through various hoops to get the coverage you’re looking for. With this comprehensive protection plan, all of your home comfort systems will be checked and inspected annually to maintain efficient and safe operation, so your home will be ready for anything that’s thrown its way. 

Our program is also customizable: you can add coverage for generators or home automation systems at a reduced rate. The Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan Plus covers labor on more than 60 parts, a 20% parts and labor allowance on non-covered repairs, and annual precision tune-ups and system evaluations.

Woodfin’s Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan is your first and only stop for your home comfort plan shopping needs. Feel free to use all that extra time on the fun kind of shopping! Want to learn more? Call or contact Woodfin today.

By Kelly Williams