Have you noticed that certain parts of your home are getting heat while others aren't? Over time, issues can occur that weaken your heating system's efficiency, which can drive up your energy costs. If your system isn't functioning properly, it may be time for an upgrade. Woodfin – Your Home Team is running a special promotion – only through the end of the month –  that can save you thousands on new HVAC equipment. And that's not including federal tax incentives now available for energy-efficient equipment upgrades made to your home! Additionally, newer equipment will run more efficiently, lowering your energy bill and saving you money every month. Call us at 804-730-5000 to learn more.

What’s wrong with your heating system?

A dirty or blocked air filter can keep the heated air from reaching the areas where you need it most. During the heating season, we recommend you change your air filters once a month.

Poor home insulation is not directly tied to your home heating system, but if the insulation inside your home is old or worn out, the warmed air will escape and the cold air will get in. New insulation will help keep the warm air inside and the cold air out! 

An oversized/undersized heating system can lead to inconsistent temperatures because it is either working too quickly to heat the space and then shutting off, or it can't work hard enough and never heats your entire home. Contact us to see if you're heating system is the correct fit.

Outdated equipment runs much less efficiently than it did when originally installed, so if you have a heating system that is more than 10 years old, it is time to call us at 804-730-5000 to see how much a new energy-efficient heating system will save you.

Don't wait to upgrade your system before it's too late. Woodfin's HVAC upgrade offer ends January 31, 2023. This offer is worth thousands of dollars in savings. We will help you pick the perfect HVAC system for your home; call us at 804-730-5000 or contact us online.