When it comes to the size of new heating equipment, it’s not enough to choose the biggest heating system thinking it will heat your home faster, or the smallest thinking it will save on energy costs. Everything needs to be just right for your particular household to enjoy efficient and even comfort coverage.

What could happen if your heating equipment isn’t properly sized to your home?

Cold Spots and Inconsistent Temperatures

Equipment that is larger than necessary will heat up a space and quickly shut down, preventing the rest of the home from reaching the set temperature. Equipment on the smaller side, however, will struggle to warm up the entire home.

Increase in Wear and Tear

Larger heating equipment will cycle more frequently, resulting in an increase in wear and tear. Meanwhile, a system that is too small for a home will run indefinitely, never reaching the set temperature and putting more wear on the equipment.

Overconsumption of Fuel

Because it takes more fuel to start up, large equipment will consume more fuel over time as it cycles frequently. Additionally, the constant running of smaller equipment also lends itself to an increase in fuel consumption.

How is your heating system handling the cold weather so far? If it’s falling short, or you believe your equipment isn’t the right size for your home, now is the time to call! Trust the professionals at Woodfin for all of your home heating needs and contact us online or call 804-730-5000 to set up a free Comfort Engineering Analysis ($295 value).