Spring showers bring summer flowers. Unfortunately, they also bring thunder and lighting, signaling that hurricane and tornado seasons are here (June 1st-November 30th). Such oppressive weather can make homeowners feel helpless, with their properties at the mercy of the elements. Luckily, the Woodfin Home Team is here to help you “take the power back” and stay “in charge” with an emergency backup generator.

- Keep the lights on
- Maintain access to emergency broadcasts and news updates
- Help the kids stay entertained
- Prevent food from going bad
- Ensure your family’s safety and your peace of mind

In a region as vulnerable to harsh weather as ours, there are countless reasons to invest in an emergency backup generator, so oftentimes the only thing holding homeowners back from making the purchase is the cost factor. An emergency backup generator represents a serious investment in the safety of your home and your loved ones … but it’s still an investment. Recognizing this, Woodfin is offering a great way to make this purchase affordable to all. Now, until July 15th, 2014 call Woodfin for a no-cost no-obligation consultation and you can save up to $3,022 on a whole-home generator! You’ll also get our 2-year unconditional satisfaction guarantee, …$250 start guarantee, 2-years worth of annual precision tune-ups and system evaluations and a free Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan for 1 year!

For more information call 804-730-5000 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

By Kelly Williams