It’s been a busy heating season for Your Home Team at Woodfin! You may have seen us on WRIC Channel 8 News, as they followed Woodfin field supervisor Travis Litchford while he checked the defrost cycle on outdoor heat pump equipment. “Heat pumps struggle when it’s less than 30 degrees outside,” said Travis. “Just not a lot of heat in the air for them to absorb, so they rely on their auxiliary heat.”

It should come as no surprise that as temperatures drop below freezing in Central Virginia, heat pumps are working overtime – with a very real chance of freezing over. Travis goes on to explain, “the most important thing a homeowner can do is make sure their air filters are clean. Keep proper maintenance on their equipment. Get it checked out yearly.” With Woodfin, it’s easy to keep your heating system working at its peak with their heating service plans. Not only is an annual tune-up included in their Comfort Protection plans, but customers receive discounts on parts and labor, among other benefits as well.

As Travis said, having your equipment checked regularly is critical for keeping warm in such cold weather. Here are some other tips to stay warm and safe!

  • Electric space heaters can be dangerous. If your heating system isn’t providing you with enough comfort, call Your Home Team for service.
  • Use only one heating appliance per outlet to prevent any electrical overloads or fires
  • Don’t use an oven or stove top to heat your home
  • If you’re relying on your fireplace, be sure to have your chimney cleaned
  • Prevent pipes from freezing or bursting by sealing up any drafts in your home, leaving a faucet on slightly to keep water moving

Don’t forget, Woodfin is always there for you when you need us most. If you want service protection for your all home comfort systems, we also offer Whole-Home Comfort Protection Plans. These plans cover anything from your security system to maintaining your heating equipment and repairing your plumbing system. Contact Woodfin to enroll in a service plan today!