Thank you for joining us at the 38th Annual Richmond Home and Garden Show at the Richmond Raceway Complex on Friday, 2/28/14 - Sunday 3/2/14!

Woodfin was proud to sponsor this event, and proud to work with the folks at Royal Productions. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work! We look forward to working with you all again. 

For all our Woodfin VIP customers, we hope you found it easy to claim your free admission.  Thanks for all your loyalty to us, and thanks for helping us keep our outstanding reputation as the best home services company in Richmond!


The theme of the 38th Annual Richmond Home and Garden Show revolves around chickens. heard right...chickens! With Backyard Hens now legal in Richmond, this year's event was celebrated by helping educate homeowners through Richmond as to how you can integrate family flocks into your urban gardens!


While you didn't find any chickens at our booth, you could find a lot of other home related items, such as our propane tank, a high efficiency air conditioning system, a whole home generator, a Woodfin Security vehicle and of course Woodfin goodies! We hope you stopped by for some fun, and tried your hand at Woodfin Plinko, for a chance to win some cool prizes from Your Home Team. 

The one thing we didn't hear this year (thank goodness!) was: "I couldn't find Woodfin." We had the biggest banner in the whole place, and all of our stuff was sporting our eye catching "Woodfin Blue!" 

If you were looking for some good ideas about home improvement, there were tons and tons of re-modelers, design companies, and etc. on site.  However if you had some questions about heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, generators, security, propane or anything else home related. We hope you stopped by our booth and say hello.  If not, give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 804-730-5000


Beyond meeting so many current and potential Woodfin customers, we focused our efforts this weekend on educating folks about our new "Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan!" If you didn't already know, this plan covers your heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems year round.  Call us and talk to one of our representatives to figure out if this plan makes sense for you!

If you have any questions about Woodfin or our Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan, call us at (804) 730-5000 or contact Woodfin online! Hope to see you at the show next year!

By Kelly Williams