Recently, temperatures in Richmond fell as low as 9 degrees, and we’re due for another stretch of below-freezing nights soon. While temperatures in Virginia may not typically be as frigid as those in the Northeast, any time the temperature drops below 32 degrees, your home’s pipes are in danger of freezing. Being prepared for this risk can not only save you from needing new pipes, but can also prevent your home from sustaining costly water damage.

Here are some tips to keep your pipes from freezing:

-Shut off and drain pipes that aren’t used in the winter. Make sure to leave these faucets open to ensure the pipes do not refill.

-Insulate your pipes with pipe insulation, which can be found in most hardware stores.

-Wrap exposed pipes in electric heat tape or heat cables.

-Leave faucets with exposed pipes open and dripping. This will keep the water flowing, and moving water freezes less easily than standing water.

-If you have a sink against an outside wall, open the cabinet under it to allow your home’s heating system to warm the pipes.

-If you are going on vacation, make sure the thermostat is set to 55 degrees and ask a neighbor to inspect your home’s pipes daily. 

If you think you have a frozen pipe, turn on the faucets and contact us. If your pipe has already burst, cut water supply to the house. Do not attempt to thaw pipes on your own with a torch or an open flame!

By Kelly Williams