A derecho is predicted to hit the Richmond region today.  So: what does this mean exactly? 

A derecho is defined as a widespread, long lived straight line wind storm that is associated with a fast moving band of severe thunderstorms. A warm winter phenomenon, derechos occur mostly in the summer, especially during June and July in the Northern Hemisphere...and particularly in areas with moderately strong instability. 

If things get crazy...are you prepared?

We have a couple obvious but not always followed suggestions, that might make a huge difference in how easily and quickly you address an emergency situation: Pay attention to the weather as often as possible, and its a great idea to have a backup plan in place.  Where will you meet in case you get separated? Do you have an escape plan in the case of severe weather? Do you have ample supplies on hand in case power goes out and there is a crazy mad rush on the essentials at the grocery store?

We recommend having a battery powered radio on hand, plenty of flashlights, some packaged foods and dry goods, and probably some candles...just in case.  You should also fully charge your cell phone the night before/morning of/as often as possible.  Go get yourself a car charger if you don't have one, either for just your phone or for your mobile tablet also. 

If you really want to be prepared, talk to us about the benefits of having Woodfin install a home standby generator.  We guarantee our generators will start up when you power goes out, plus we offer a free 2 year service agreement on every home standby generator we install.  From our smaller units (for use in powering some of your appliances and machines, like A/C and refrigerator only), to larger units (for powering all appliances or large homes)...we've got just the right home standby generator for you. 

Just like what you've come to expect from Your Home Team at Woodfin, we are fully trained to install the trusted generator brands, using fuel sources like propane or natural gas.  What matters most is what best suits your needs, and what you are looking for in case of an emergency. 

If we can help in any way, whether to discuss your needs, set an appointment or just answer some questions you might have about home standby generators, call us at 730-5000 or contact us online!

By Kelly Williams