At Woodfin, you can purchase the latest in modern air conditioning technology from top manufacturers, such as Carrier, Trane, and American Standard. These brands offer a new level in cooling efficiency thanks to the variable speed models available to customers … but why does a variable speed motor make this equipment so much better at maintaining comfort? Keep reading to find out!

Variable Speed vs. Single Speed vs. Energy Use

One key difference between single and variable speed ACs is the number of settings at which the motors can perform. Single speed compressors have two settings: on and off. Once your home has been cooled down, the equipment shuts off (this is known as a “cycle”). A lot of energy is drawn when the cycle starts up again – this is why the frequent cycling of a single speed AC is more costly than a variable speed motor. Variable speed compressors remain on to maintain the temperature at lower speeds, reducing energy use.

Variable Speed vs. Single Speed vs. Humidity

Because single speed systems turn themselves off as often as they do, there’s less time during the cycle for the humidity to be drawn out of the home. Variable speed systems, however, are running for longer periods of time and more consistently, which results in more moisture being removed from the home and a more comfortable feeling on even the most humid summer days.

Variable Speed vs. Single Speed vs. Temperature

The most important thing you’re looking for when it comes to your air conditioning system is maintaining a comfortable temperature! Single speed compressors blast your home with cold air until shutting down, letting your home warm back up again. We call this a temperature swing, and it’s avoidable with a variable speed system! Because variable speed models run consistently throughout the summer, temperature swings are virtually eliminated and your home remains at just the right level of cool.

The Results Are in!

If you’re looking for an improvement to your air conditioning system, you can’t go wrong with variable speed! These modern air conditioning systems are available through Your Home Team at Woodfin. Contact us today if you’d like to know more, or if you’re in need of some improvement to your cool comfort.