Once again this year, Woodfin, the Better Housing Coalition, and WTVR CBS-6 teamed up to help a needy family in the Richmond area enjoy a warm winter with a new furnace supplied and installed by Woodfin.

Except this year, we had a nice surprise.

Instead of awarding one deserving family, we awarded three: the Roots family, the Brown family and the Francis family. They all learned the good news during a live CBS-6 news segment with Woodfin president Justin Andress and WTVR chief meteorologist Zach Daniel.

Last winter, Woodfin team members and our good friends at WTVR CBS-6 donated over $5,000 in an unprecedented show of support. Our employee donations helped fund a new furnace for one deserving nominee, and provided 5 additional families with heating system repairs and heating oil.

You can still do your part in helping your neighbors enjoy "a warmer winter" by donating heating oil to needy Richmond families. Call our office at (804) 730-5000 for details or contact us online.  

We truly appreciate your generous donations so that we may help Richmond families enjoy a warmer winter. Thank you!

By Kelly Williams