Have you ever spent hours loading up your car and making sure your house was in order before you left for vacation, only to realize an hour into the trip that you forgot the most important thing … locking the front door?! 

Of course, you have. We’ve all been there. That’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to announce the launch of our new Woodfin Home Automation system. With this easy-to-use, high-tech system, your home will never be left unattended again.

Using a personalized interface that integrates directly into your smartphone, tablet or desktop the Woodfin Home Automation System gives you the power to: 

  1. Turn on/off lights
  2. Lock and unlock doors
  3. Adjust thermostat settings
  4. Monitor video surveillance in real time
  5. Manage your home’s energy consumption
  6. And do much, much more – all via mobile device 

Essentially, the Woodfin Home Automation System gives you complete home awareness. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be connected to your home … or should we say “to your smarthome.” Not only will you be able to monitor your home’s energy consumption, set conservation goals and schedule on/off times, but you’ll also receive alerts whenever something goes wrong.

For example, if a water pipe suddenly bursts, your Woodfin Home Automation System will sense the disruption, send an alert to your smartphone, and let you shut off your main water valve before any serious flood damage can occur. And that’s not all. Woodfin can also receive an alert, and with your permission, Your Woodfin Home Team’s Plumbers will be dispatched to the scene immediately. 

You can learn all about the Woodfin Home Automation System and its capabilities by visiting our new Home Automation webpage and reading our Home Automation brochure. We have also posted a video to this page that will show you the Woodfin Home Automation system in action.  Remember to contact Your Woodfin Home Team for all of your 21st century home comfort needs.


By Kelly Williams