Woodfin wants to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to your safety this summer and all year round. Our Woodfin Security services have been keeping local Richmond area homeowners and business-owners safe and secure for years.

Woodfin Security is your complete home and/or business safety solution that provides 24-hour monitoring. If you’re not protected by Woodfin Security, now is the perfect time to be. Why? A security system is the most efficient way to safeguard your Virginia home! It keeps you updated on the happenings in and around your house when you’re not there such as:

  1. Intrusions 
  2. If an elderly person needs checking up on 
  3. Temperature control 
  4. What your kids or pets are up to while you’re away 
  5. If and when packages arrive

Take advantage of Woodfin’s Lynx 3000 security package before it’s too late! There is no cost for installation with a monitoring agreement. The package includes three door/window contacts one motion detector and a keyfob. Rest assured that Woodfin’s expert technicians will install and train you on how to use your security equipment so you can become an expert yourself.

Our video surveillance system gives you the option of being in two places at once and is becoming one of the most popular security measures for homes and businesses of all sizes. Installing cameras in strategic locations, inside or outside, gives owners’ complete power to monitor all activities.

From our high tech alarm systems to our amazing video packages and much more, Woodfin Security is your number one choice for total safety. To learn more about Woodfin Security’s products and services, call us at 804-764-4539 today.

By Kelly Williams