Your house is not only home to you and your family, it’s also home to your most valued possessions. The safety of your family and your property is incredibly important to you, and you would never dream of putting what you hold dear at risk. With Woodfin, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home and property are being protected by greater Richmond’s most trusted home security team.

Woodfin is your complete solution for the best in home alarm systems and high-tech security systems. Our highly qualified and expert technicians will install the most advanced home security equipment available today (or a simple alarm, if that works best for you), and train you to use it with proficiency.

We offer the following kinds of security equipment:

You can also rest assured knowing that we provide 24-hour monitoring, so you can relax and trust that your home team at Woodfin has you totally covered.
Contact us today to begin experiencing Woodfin’s top-notch home security service. With Woodfin as part of your home team, you’ll know that what matters to you most is well-protected and in good hands.

By Kelly Williams