Indoor air quality is often an overlooked part of your home comfort system. Homeowners will let filters get backed up and dirty to where it affects their system’s efficiency. Ductwork is hidden inside the walls where everyday house cleaning never reaches, and collects dust and debris. There are many hidden aspects of indoor air quality. Woodfin can find them all and make recommendations for what actions to take to remedy any problems.

• A dehumidifier is perfect for the coming summer days, when humidity is typically high. Central air conditioning helps with the temperature, but the excess moisture in the air can cause organic growth and damage walls. A centralized dehumidifier system can remove that excess moisture and protect your home.

• What makes battling organic growth and bacteria difficult is its ability to travel unseen through air ducts and vents. A germicidal UV light kills off the contaminants as they circulate through your heating or air conditioning system.= 

• When your family’s health is at stake, you can’t be too safe when it comes to harmful bacteria, organic growth spores, allergens, dust and household chemicals in the air. Equipping your heating and cooling system with a whole-house air purification system and air filtration system can supplement the UV lights and aid in killing off any contaminants inhabiting the ductwork. Many of these systems utilize the same technology  

Woodfin’s indoor air quality technicians have the knowledge and tools to clean the dust and debris out of your ductwork. Sealing your ducts and scheduling regular cleanings can not only protect your family from health hazards, but also help prevent system breakdowns due to dirt and dust build-up. If you have any questions about our indoor air quality services, or would like to schedule an evaluation or cleaning, contact us today!  

By Kelly Williams