As autumn begins to stir, the wind picks up, leaves start to turn… and the annual holiday decorating season officially begins. Once upon a time, folks put up holiday lights for Christmas, usually on Thanksgiving weekend. Now, Christmas decorating has become a theatrical event for some.

We love looking at the displays as much as anyone, from the ghoulish to the heavenly. But we look at them with a professional’s eye, too, and often as we ooh and aah over the display, we’re also silently calculating the electrical load and wondering if the home was properly prepared.

Before you put up your lights this holiday season, call Woodfin to get your electrical infrastructure ready for action.

Panel Upgrade: Are you plugging all those lights into one or two outlets? Does the circuit breaker for the outside lights trip every time you start your microwave? It could be time for an electrical panel upgrade. Woodfin offers free estimates, a lifetime warranty on the panel and breakers, a whole-house grounding system, and a complimentary one-year electrical service plan.

Surge Protection: That computer-synced light and music display you’re so proud of runs off microprocessors that can be destroyed by a power surge. Woodfin is currently offering $50 off a whole home surge protector. Our surge protectors have a $75,000 connected appliance/electronics warranty, and the unit has a lifetime replacement warranty.

Electrical Comfort Protection Plan: The easiest way to make sure your electric system is ready for the holidays and every day is with Woodfin’s Electrical Comfort Protection Plan, which includes a 12-point Precision Inspection and System Evaluation; 20% off parts and labor; additional discounts on new installations; and complete inspection of your electrical panel, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and receptacles.

Before you start dragging decorations down from the attic or up from the basement, make sure your holiday is going to stay bright by contacting Your Home Team or calling us at (804) 730-5000.

By Kelly Williams