Hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t the only forces of nature that can pose a formidable threat to your electrical power – high winter winds and extremely cold temperatures can pack a punch too. Luckily, the Woodfin Home Team is here to help safeguard your home’s power with our selection of standby generators from Eaton and Honeywell. A reliable generator will allow you to:

  • Keep the lights on, reducing the chance of dangerous trips and falls 
  • Prevent food from spoiling
  • Provide added protection from burglaries
  • Maintain access to emergency broadcasts and news updates
  • Help the kids stay entertained by keeping the electronics functioning
  • Ensure your family’s safety and your peace of mind

We offer both propane generators and natural gas generators, so you can select the unit that fits your home and needs. Our electrical division installs the best home standby generators, like our dependable models from Eaton. Eaton standby generators will start and stop automatically to provide emergency backup energy when the power goes out, so you won’t have to stumble through a dark yard and feel your way around the generator’s controls to power it up.

Honeywell generators boast exceptionally sturdy construction, with aluminum enclosures that protect components against rust and corrosion. Plus, Honeywell offers a five-year parts and labor warranty to protect your investment.

Contact Woodfin today for more information about our selection of standby generators.

By Kelly Williams