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Review from Google

google-logo.pngI cannot say enough about Woodfin’s outstanding customer service. We awoke Christmas morning to a cold house and no power, only to discover a neighbor’s tree and dropped a huge limb on our power line to the house...and ripped the meter completely off the house. We called our usual electrician who was reluctant to send someone on the holiday because he stated there was no way to reinstate power without a city inspection and that would have to be on Monday - four days away and all of them with a temperature low below 20 degrees. Thinking Woodfin a bigger company with more people potentially willing to come out on a holiday, I called and got an empathetic person on the phone who helped me see my costs and options. They dispatched someone after we were clear we were happy to pay the holiday visit fee simply to know what we were dealing with. Dalton arrived, polite and cheerful at 8 am on Christmas morning and could not have been more thorough or kinder. He quickly realized that we had sustained a lot of damage and called back and forth to his supervisor to brainstorm some options. Woodfin not only sent a team back out the following morning (Saturday) but also found a supplier willing to open to get a few needed parts for us. They replaced our meter, reran wire into our basement (insulating it better than the original installation from just a few years ago), and creatively solved the dilemma of how to put in new anchor bolt attachments into our brick when the traditional peak of the roof was unavailable due to our second floor renovation. They encouraged us to call Dominion to see if someone could come out to look at the installation and see if they would make an exception and turn on the power prior to the city inspection since the house was down to 45 degrees. We did just that, and when the Dominion operator come out, he could not believe what a fantastic job the crew had done and was astonished at the price, saying he would have expected it to be much higher. We will be getting the service plan moving forward - we don’t want to deal with any other company!

Courtney L.
December 29, 2020