The best way to assess a company's performance is to find out what the customers say. At Woodfin, service is the top priority, and we satisfy dozens of customers every day.

Please read these words of praise that our customers have sent to us, and visit our reviews page to read what people are saying about Woodfin online.



6-16-17_Virginia_R.pngTo All of the Team of Woodfin

As a friend and customer, thank you for your policy, belief, and goal from the top official (President), to the representative in providing trustworthy services to my products of heating and air conditioning units.

I give praise to Ryan E., the services technician in performing all areas of inspection and maintenance to both systems. Due to his interest and concern, assurance of my experiencing reliable comfort was given. 

It is a person like Ryan representing Woodfin; results in trust of the "Woodfin Team"!

Thank you for the confidence and loyalty, trustworthiness I have for many years as a customer and friend.


Virginia R.
June 16, 2017

dewey_5-16-17.pngTo Whom it May Concern

This is a letter of appreciation from Dewey and Patricia B. of Richmond, VA for a Job Well Done by Woodfin.

Just wanted to let all the people at Woodfin know that the group a great job with the installation of our Generator.

When Steve T. and his group arrived the first day of the installation there were a few obstacles that had to be dealt with before they could begin. After a few discussions and more inspection of the possibilities, Steve T. set out to resolve the situation. He and Charles worked into the first night to make sure that we were not without power during the evening. Both my wife and I were grateful to their stamina to keep going into the evening until the task was done.

Even though all the many workers who worked on this project were dedicated to their jobs, very friendly and did an exquisite job in getting the jobs done need recognition. 

Congratulations to all who did a great job. We are very proud of the work done and felt that Steve and Charles deserve a bit of extra credit for the great job.


Dewey & Pat
May 16, 2017

Barton_C_2-20-17.pngHello Friends,

Once again Woodfin has our respect and thanks. We had a generator problem last week, and the young lady on the phone – worry, have forgotten her name – was prompt in getting help lined up for us.

Patrick M. came out, promptly in the time frame indicated, I might add, which was a big help. He sized up the problem very quickly, and outlined it to me. Turns out there was a bit more to it that "met the eye". He was able to correct it and then did an excellent job of discussing future options with me should it occur again. Not only was he technically competent, but also very pleasant to deal with. He is a credit to your organization.

Thanks for taking good care of us; as we age (>75+ now), that becomes more and more important. We are hoping to stay in our own home a while longer!

Very best, 

Barton C.
February 20, 2017

ashton_1-20-17.pngJACK WOODFIN, CEO & President

Woodfin just completed the installation of a whole house generator at my home in Midlothian, VA and I wanted to express our appreciation for the outstanding work by Woodfin.

Special thanks to Alex B. who convinced me to buy from Woodfin. He was very professional in assessing our needs and matching the proper generator.

Special thanks also to the following for their outstanding work. Kyle V, Billy C. and Patrick M. plus those in the office who handled the many calls.

I'm sure they would have preferred less "supervision" by me, but I like to watch professionals at work. 

Thanks to all for this professional performance.

Ashton V.
January 6, 2017

robert_s_12-21-16.pngRepair of Oil Heating System

I have been a customer of Woodfin for heating oil, furnace installation and repair, and yearly maintenance since October 1984 – when I purchased my Chester home and inherited the existing maintenance account. During those 32 years, I have received quality service each time that I dealt with a Woodfin team member.

My most recent need was last week on 16 December when my oil furnace ceased operating during the polar vortex. I use this letter to note my appreciation for the thorough and quality repair work to my oil heating system that Dylan G., your technician, provided on that late afternoon into the dark evening. Dylan arrived at 5pm at dusk, having already spent a full workday servicing other accounts. Yet, for over an hour, he avoided doing a rushed good-for-now job, but instead did a deliberate step-by-step repair and also addressed my questions concerning my underground oil tank and how much expected life remained for the circulating pump of the furnace. Then, when my job was completed and we were in the dark of evening at the Woodfin van as he prepared my invoice, he noted that his laptop listed several more jobs yet to be addressed. However, Dylan didn't complain to me, but simply viewed these assignments as part of his responsibilities as a Woodfin technician. To me, Dylan's dedication and emphasis on quality makes him a Woodfin team member among the best.

If you so choose, you may use this letter as one of your testimonials.

Robert S.
December 21, 2016

marilyn_g_12-15-16.pngDear Ms. Bamman,

I want to thank you for the service that you have give us over the past year. As you know we bought two new units from Atlantic. When Woodfin bought out Atlantic we were worried that going from a small company to a large company might mean less care and personal service.

You have made all the difference in the world for us and we are glad that we are covered under your Comfort Protection Plan. Because of your personal concern and ability to made an adjustment in our billing we have tried (in small ways) to "pay it forward" for others at this time of the year. We call it the "Amber Effect."

We want to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy, Fun-filled New Year.


Marilyn G.
December 15, 2016

kim_11-26-16.pngDear Mr. Woodfin,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the service your company provides, and more specifically, the professionalism and expertise of your employees.

Two weeks ago I had the unfortunate experience of smelling natural gas as I entered my house. I called the City of Richmond, who promptly turned my gas off and put a "boot" on the meter. After posting on my neighborhood app for recommendations for a Gas Certified Plumber, a handful of neighbors suggested Woodfin. Gene H. appeared at my house for the first visit and determined that I had 8 gas leaks in my crawl space. Two days later, he and another employee came and did all the repairs in a timely and efficient manner. They spent extra time just to be sure that there were no more leaks. They cleaned up as if they had never been there, and I was good to go. I was so impressed by Gene, who possesses knowledge skills, and exhibits a very friendly personality. At that point, I called Woodfin to establish an account and register for a gas/plumbing protection plan. I wanted to feel secure knowing that I would always have your company available in the even of another urgent situation.

Having moved to Richmond 6 years ago, initially I had to choose contractors without really knowing their reputation or customer care history. Unfortunately in 2010 I had another company install gas logs. At the time, I felt like I had been taken advantage of in terms of cost and quality of the product. I had actually recently had them scheduled to come repair the logs, but they were so backed up, I had a 4 week wait just to get them to my house. Since I was so elated with my Woodfin service, again, I called and within the week Keith arrived and attempted to service my gas logs., cancelling my appointment with the original plumber. Unfortunately, the logs/burner were so poor in design there was nothing Keith could do but offer me a new set. He promptely went back to the office, and within 15 minutes called an offered me an "open box" set at a reduced price. He returned the next week to complete the install. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new set, and as he said, I went from a Pinto to a Cadillac with the quality of my new logs. Keith also performed the plumbing inspection of my house with precision and efficiency. He was also very personable and I enjoyed talking to him (while he worked, of course). 

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the manner in which your technicians perform their jobs, without pressuring the customer to purchase more than necessary. Also by offering open box materials, I felt like Keith was trying to help me without gouging my wallet. There are so many companies out there who provide sub-standard service, poor quality product, and prices that are out of this world. Please accept this as my sincere appreciation for a great company. I will definitely recommend Woodfin to my friends and co-workers in the future. In fact, I already have. My plan is to purchase the whole house protection plan. Please congratulate your employees on jobs well done!

Sincerely yours,

Kim R. 
November 26, 2016

rober-m_10-27-16.pngDear Mr. Woodfin,

We would like to praise your employee, Debbie. Somehow there was a mixup in our accounts, which no one could understand. Debbie stepped in and wouldn't let it go until it was solved. 

You are very fortunate to have an employee that will take so much time with a customer.


Mr. & Mrs. Robert M.
October 27, 2016

john-b-8-31-16.pngDear Mr. Woodfin,

First, I am one of your new customers from Fuel Oils, Inc.

Second, today I had my first oil heat tune up and system evaluation provided by your technician, Chris B.

I would like to commend Chris on the professional way he conducted the inspection and his knowledge of our oil system and the answers he provided to the questions I had regarding our system and the many services Woodfin can offer their customers.

Hats off to Chris; a valuable asset to Woodfin.


John B.
August 31, 2016

barton-c-7-18-16.pngATTN: Generator Dept.

I want to express my thanks for the fine job that Brent E. did in servicing my generator last week. It had run extensively during our recent severe storm (4 days), and I as glad to have it checked and maintained.

Brent was most courteous, and very knowledgeable. He answered several questions I had, as this had been the first extensive utilization of the generator since installation.

You are well served to have him on your team. My thanks to him and all of you!

Barton C.
July 18, 2016

beverly-6-10-16.pngTo Whom it May Concern:

On June 2, 2016 Randy M. installed a new vanity in my bathroom. He did an excellent job and I have been trying to give feedback using reviewbuzz but unable to do so successfully, hence, I am writing this note.

Randy patiently and effectively installed a new vanity in an old bathroom. He appeared on the time promised and I was very pleased with his work. I hope you will relay this to him and to all concerned.

Thank you,

Beverly G.
June 10, 2016

stephen-4-2016.pngRE: Commendation of Woodfin Staff

Ladies and/or Gentlemen:

This is to commend your staff and, therefore, the management team and the company as a whole with regard to your services rendered at the above house of my wife Jane and me. I send you this handwritten letter, because I fell short in my efforts yesterday to use my computer to send commendations/reviews by way of www.reviewbuzz.com and Better Business Bureau to which these came to me 2 or 3 emails suggesting I was not getting through. I am a 69 yr. old recent retiree who managed a fair amount of success in my career w/o developing as much computer skills as are possessed by my 10 and 12-yr. old grandkids. Rather than give up sending reviews I am thinking is better to send old-fashioned hand writing. 

Jane and I bought this house just more than a year ago, and our calling on Woodfin for service has just begun this past month, and there are 8 of your people have come to the house, whose praises I wish to set forth here (others of your office staff with whom we have communicated by phone also are to be commended in general, though their names are not here mentioned.)

In my review of the eight Woodfin team members I am affirming that I found every one of them to be worthy of receiving a grade of A for such as being knowledgeable, on time, efficient, prepared, friendly, and willing and able to anticipate and answer clients' concerns and questions. And while I find all eight of Woodfins' staff to be worthy of A grades, I wish to acknowledge my sense that even among the A students here I believe some to be even A+. Here are the names of these fine staff members:

  • Benjamin P. – A+
  • Robert A. – A
  • Lucas H. – A
  • Tim W. – A+
  • Jeremy B. – A+
  • Jesse A – A
  • Steve C. – A+
  • Daren L. – A+

Based upon my recent experience with these persons I find myself thinking of Woodfin as a most worthy business community, one to be proud of.


Stephen S. 
April 22, 2016