The best way to assess a company's performance is to find out what the customers say. At Woodfin, service is the top priority, and we satisfy dozens of customers every day.

Please read these words of praise that our customers have sent to us, and visit our reviews page to read what people are saying about Woodfin online.



Jeff-H.jpg Dear Woodfin:

We had such a positive customer service experience with Woodfin’s Scott Rock on Thursday, June 15 that I felt compelled to write a brief message to commend him.

Scott was courteous, patient and very thorough in conducting our bi-annual HVAC inspection. He exceeded our every expectation. In other words, he was a credit to the Woodfin team.

It’s so rare these days to received such exceptional customer service that I just wanted to let you know about Scott.


Jeff H.
Glen Allen, VA.

20220614-img20220608_10101189_x200w.pngTo the Managers of Woodfin,

It is my pleasure to write a short note to you; Thanking you for the exemplary service you provide. I'm not motivated very often these days to do this, but want to add my name to the long list of people who sing your praises.

Since I bought my house on Park, I have had approximately four or five visits from your technicians. Each seemed happy to be here (even in dreadfully hot or cold weather). They are friendly, professional, and get the job well done in an efficient manner without cutting corners and are willing to answer my questions. Since my experiences have been so consistent from the person who answers the telephone to the person who leaves my home in better shape than when they arrive, I have to believe there are very good people in management.

It feels very nice to believe that you will keep up the good work.

Sincerely Juliet

20220614-img20220608_10101189_x200w.pngMy compliments to Woodfin for your wonderful employees! From your receptionist to the employees who installed my generator, the service was exemplary and that is not the norm now…

The men who installed the generator were very cordial and walked me through the whole process.

I thank you again and will continue to contact you for any services I need.

Patty K.

20220614-Sales-Copier_20220614_103954.pngDear Matthew,

Thank you for your thoroughness, workmanship, and professionalism. Your work ethic, dedication to serving your clients, and pride in performing an exceptional repair is truly appreciated.

From someone who has been conversing with more problems than I care to admit lately, you certainly stand out among the top. Woodfin should be grateful to have you.

Thanks again,

Mary & Debby J.

22.01.25-CUSTOMER-NOTES.pngUnable to respond by cell for your review, comments - Dante and Anthony were so helpful, professional and the attention to the task at hand "spot on". Thank you.


Archer T.

22.01.25-CUSTOMER-NOTES.pngMy compliments to Woodfin for your wonderful employees! From your receptionist to the employees who installed my generator. The service was exemplary and that is not the norm now.

The men who installed the generator were very cordial and walked me through the whole process.

I thank you again and will continue to contact you for any services I need.


Patty K.

I was so very impressed and pleased with Rodney's visit for our problem. He was kind and professional. After he had explained the problem and repair with me, my ill husband came from his bedroom. Rodney knelt by Jerry and explained al to him. That was so very considerate and unexpected.

What a gracious response to us while experiencing a very difficult time.

Thank you for special services to us - timely and rendered by a very special serviceman.

M. Brown

22.01.25-CUSTOMER-NOTES.pngDebbie I am enclosing my Electric Bill for this month only because I am so excited that it is back to normal after the repairs done by Mr. Wesley Puckett of your team.

I frankly was dreading the arrival of this month’s billing as the past two months were whoppers!!! Just want to say how much I appreciate the work by the Woodfin Team! And if you happen to see Wesley thank him for me. Glad I found you instead of calling American Home Shield which I have a contract with.


Ann R.

22.01.25-CUSTOMER-NOTES-1.png Woodfin Team...

Brayden Spade - Heat Pump AC
Gene Hunt - Plumbing
Corbyne Stiff - Electrical

I am not computer savvy, so I hope this little note will do.

My thanks and appreciation to all of you. On Thursday morning, January 20th, these young men came in and did an all-home inspection. They were polite, had wonderful attitudes, very knowledgeable and genuine. I enjoyed working with each of them. My questions were answered, they took time to explain, and gathered information for projects that I needed to address at a later date. They represented themselves and Woodfin very well. They are super guys. They are proud of themselves and the company they work for and Woodfin is fortunate to have them.

My thanks and appreciation again to a great team who took very good care of me and met all my needs.

Mary Jane B.

Doug-And-Betty-M.pngCustomer Service

We are writing this to express our appreciation for several members of the Woodfin Staff.

Last month we had a whole house generator installed in Chesterfield VA.

The six person crew that did the install from the tank delivery, trenching, positioning the generator, the electrical, and electrical box replacement was some of the finest people my wife and I have ever had working at our residence. They were here two full days and their attitude was great. Their manners, knowledge of the product when we asked questions and the overall friendliness was to say the least, outstanding.

Would you please convey our sincere thank you to the following Woodfin personnel:

Dalton S.
Tanner M.
Zack B.
Matt L.
Tyler K.
Iza V.

I do hope that I have the names correct if by chance not, please accept my apology.

Once again thank you for employing such outstanding young people.

Doug and Betty M.

A Testimonial Video from a
Happy Customer

Review from BBB

google-logo.pngWe had our AC go out his past week. What seemed like a minor problem initially, grew in magnitude with each diagnostic.. The bad news was that we were without AC for 2 days. It started with just a routine diagnostic that found we had a leak. But the tech on call that night could not pressurize the system to find it(besides, Isaias was upon us). So the next day Daniel came out to find the leak. It did not take him long. I will say I hate long faces as they are never good news. The Compressor was fried. He could not replace it as he did not have the parts and the unit was still under warranty so they had to dig that stuff up. The next morning, "Chris" called with the estimate and said they could repair it that day. I told him do it! Daniel came back out that afternoon, and replaced the compressor. But the unit would not start. Apparently the circuit board had also been fried! So Chris told him to run out to Powhatan and get a new one and replace it. He did, but then another long face! The sensors were also fried! It was too late to get them that day, so he bypassed the sensors (basically making the unit an AC Only unit - like we cred about heat in this weather?), so Chris would be calling again in the morning. But at least we had cooling. Due to the Pandemic, I have been working from home for the past 5 months. And it was not pleasant having to go outside to cool off those 2 days! But Daniel and Chris hung in there and made sure we had air, and the sensors were replaced the following day. I just switched to Woodfin a year ago due to a very bad situation with my previous HVAC company. And they more than proved the wisdom of my move this week! I owe a lot to Chris and Daniel and their determination to get us back in cooling! I cannot rate them high enough to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts. Thanks Woodfin for hiring such great people. And thanks Chris and Daniel for going the extra mile!

George C.
August 8, 2020

Review from Google

google-logo.pngMatt (19) T. was punctual, polite, knowledgeable, proficient and explained benefits of replacing capacitor clearly and concisely. He is customer service oriented and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a/c services. Thanks, Matt. Drake (38) E - completely satisfied with the services received. He was punctual, pleasant, knowledgeable, neat, and customer service oriented. Job well done! Adam (215) K - Performed our annual electrical inspection. Checked electrical panel, outlets, smoke detectors, water heater, etc. Provided us with checklist of his review. Everythings was A-OK. Recommended full-house surge protector but we declined. Adam was congenial, thorough, neat, knowledgeable, and detail orientented. We are satisfied with this inspection. Anthony (303) G - Performed our annual plumbing inspection. He thoroughly performed all tasks associated with this inspection. He was neat, pleasant, detailed. customer service oriented and knowledgeable. He installed the proper clip to the sink sprayer hose to alleviate our recurring issue with it becoming detached. In addition, he recommended Bio-Clean to prevent clogged drains. He ordered the Bio-Clean since none was currently in stock and left us a brochure detailing the use and efficacy of this product. Definitely went above and beyond on this service call. 2/11/2020 Requested a Service Call for what appeared to be a water leak from our Air Handler. Due to our age and mobility issues, we are unable to climb to the attic area. Service Rep stopped by, went up to check the area, and informed us that the problem was a roof leak. Not what we were hoping to hear! He also said that he removed the soaked insulation and placed it on boards so that it would not collapse. He showed us a picture that shows as small hole through the wooden roof slats which could be the result of last week's high winds. He was extremely courteous, considerate, and took his time checking out the system to be certain that no problems existed with the unit. Another good reason to invest in Woodfin's Home Protection Plan. They show up PDQ when unexpected issues turn up and, either fix the problem, or provide details needed to get the job done. That's why we've been customers for over 30 years! Thanks, Woodfin.

Curtis & Lorraine T.
February 12, 2020

robert-snyder-testimonial-thumb.pngDear Robert Snyder,

Woodfin installed a whole house generator on my property. I want to tell you the crew you sent to my house to do the work – all of the guys and girl were so very courteous, respectful, polite and well mannered.

I hope I didn’t do this wrong but I want to thank Billie. He was the tech supervisor, not only did he supervise but help fill in the ditch, patch my brick walls (I must say beautifully) and checked out the work.

Zack was the head electrician and he had to install a new breaker box and all new breakers with the help of his guys and Sierra. They did a wonderful job.

Lucas was the plumber and installer of outside units and everything is perfectly straight and neat. Lucas and his team put soil in the ditch, planted grass seed and straw. A job well done.

Tim the “finisher” explained the system to me, making sure the generator ran and made sure everything checked out. Each of these teams had other people helping and they need to be congratulated also.

The ladies that answered the phone were so very helpful and kind I think Mattie and Ann were their names. I think it is important to say a job well done. I appreciate all the time they took with me to answer my many questions. Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

December 13, 2019

The Lord sees your needs and sends you just the right person(s) when you need them the most.

On 10/2/19, I was in my home around 9:45PM when my alarm announced that the shed door was open. Thinking back to the last time this happened, when it turned out to be just a case of the wind shaking the shed doors so hard, it broke the connections on the security sensors. So, recalling this incident, I grabbed my flashlight and headed out the back door, thinking I would just re-secure the doors and head back into the house. As I stepped outside the fenced area surrounding my patio, I lifted my flashlight and shinned it on the shed doors. The right hand door was about half way open, and in a split second, I witnessed a slight, short person step out of my shed and slip around the side of the shed, disappearing from sight. I yelled at the person, “GET OUT”, turned and headed back into the house, locked the door, reset the alarm and called 911 to advise of an intruder in my back yard. While on the phone with a dispatcher, I was watching out the dining room window, hoping to see the patrol car enter the alley behind my house, I noticed 2 small beams of light, pointed downward, scanning my back yard. I asked the dispatcher if the officers had arrived yet, she replied they had not. Just then, 1 of the persons walking around my yard, holding the flashlights, lifted the flashlight, shining it directly into my face. I informed the dispatcher of this, she advised me to step away from the window and stayed on the phone with me until the officers arrived. By this time, the person(s) in my yard were gone. They took a report, examined the shed with me, making note of missing padlock and broken hasp lock on the shed door. The following day, I called my security folks, (Diane Dodson form Woodfin) and arranged a meeting at the house, to discuss additional outdoor lights and 1 more camera for the back yard.

A few short days later, I noticed what I thought to be mouse droppings under my kitchen sink and in the pantry. I reached out to the company which does my pest control, and Tony came to the house, confirmed that what I was seeing were indeed mouse droppings. He pulled out my stove from the wall, placed traps under my stove (Tony says mice will seek out a warm spot) and in the cupboard below my sink, and he then sprayed the outside of my house with repellant. I began to notice an odd, chemical smell, which I attributed to the outside spraying. At no point in time, did I recognize the odor as being a “rotten egg smell”. But, I freely admit, I DO NOT have a great sense of smell.

On 10/12/19, Diane and Justin from Woodfin arrived to discuss the enhanced security measures I needed. The moment Diane & Justin stepped thru the front door, Diane declared she smelled a gas leak !! Diane & Justin quickly opened doors & windows, and Diane called a plumber, insisting that he work me into his busy Saturday schedule. We then sat down to discuss the new security measures I needed. After Diane & Justin left, a short while later, Anthony, the Woodfin plumber arrived and quickly, determined the source of the gas leak to be an ancient (30 years plus was Anthony’s guess) shut off valve at the back of my stove. After a short while, Anthony had my gas leak situation resolved, presented me with what I considered to be an extremely reasonable statement, considering it had been a rush job and on a Saturday, no less.

So, to sum it all up, Diane, Justin and Anthony are my real life heroes. Had it not been for their caring nature and efficient work ethic, I may not have been around to write this email to let you know what outstanding people Woodfin employs.

From the depths of my heart, THANK YOU !!


Kimmie W.
Henrico, VA
October 16,2019

scott_p_testimonial-thumb.pngDear Woodfin:

We recently replaced (2) Heat Pumps and (1) Gas Finance with your company. When first realized that we needed all new equipment in our 18-year-old house, it was very unsettling. As one would expect, I reached out to several HVAC companies for consultation and quotes. When I met with our Comfort Advisor, Daren Lancaster, I was put at ease. I was impressed with Daren's expertise and ability to relate our needs in such a difficult situation for us. Daren was also very responsive when I later had questions.

After we ultimately went with Woodfin, our next potential stress area was the major disruption this project would entail. Everything Daren told us about the installation was true. The work was performed efficiently and neatly.

Our technicians, Anthony Wiggins and James Weber were fantastic. They were very attentive to our needs (e.g. not having heat for periods of time!) and were very professional in their job execution. They showed us everything about the new system, thermostats, etc. Nothing short of remarkable in these days where Customer Service and company's performance do not have a very high bar in my opinion.

I ask that special recognition be called out for the Woodfin team assembled for our HVAC solution. I was previously a customer of Gundlach's and happy, to a large extent, for many years. Daren, Anthony and James have made us truly loyal customers of Woodfin from now on.


Scott P.
Manakin Sabot, VA
March 20,2019

Mr. Robbie Lee:betty_c-testimonial.jpg

My wife Deb and I want to give a shout out to Christina Burton for the outstanding job she did in helping us evaluate our home security needs and decide on which system to purchase. We were struck with her integrity, sincere customer focus and dedication to providing us with the best value for our money. She was pleasant, easy going, and took whatever time was necessary to work with us until we were fully satisfied. We are again impressed with the quality of employees Woodfin empowers to represent their excellent products. Ms. Burton is an asset to the Woodfin team.


Ches and Deb G.
Manakin Sabot, VA
March 20, 2019




This past week I have had Eric Parish working on my furnace, and I am writing this note to let Woodfin know how very pleased I was with his work. He was punctual, courteous and efficient, a real asset for your company. I would like to have him each time I need work done.

Betty C.
Richmond, VA
March 7, 2019



Larry EDear Woodfin,

Today, I experienced a great customer service call with customer service representative Jemma Bliss. I received 100 gallons of #2 Heating Oil today and my service technician left a note stating there was a problem at the point of entry for the hose due to a missing pin. I spoke with Ms. Bliss and shared my concerns regarding the service issues. Ms. Bliss listened intently and assured me she would do her very best job to determine the problem and work toward a quick resolution. Ms. Bliss indicated she would return my call swiftly and she was very prompt in finding the service technician and service manager to remedy the situation. I have been a loyal customer to Woodfin Oil since arriving in Richmond, Virginia and I strongly feel that great customer service is the cornerstone to building long-lasting business relationships. It is my stern belief that competitive pricing, great service, and an understanding of consumer confidence will always be a great value for any company. I’m happy to report I’m very pleased with the commitment, dedication, and due diligence exhibited by your service team to include Customer Service Representative Jemma, Service Manager David, and the concerned service technician.


Larry E.
North Chesterfield, VA
March 12, 2018

6-16-17_Virginia_R.pngTo Whom It May Concern:

In December, Diane Dodson came to my house for a consultation on upgrading my current security system. She arrived on time, was friendly and very professional. She listened to my concerns, made suggestions and put everything she said in writing for me to consider. She was patient in explaining all the options and never put any pressure on me to make the decision to upgrade at that moment. She worked hard to get me what I wanted/needed and at a cost I felt I could afford.

With the upgrade, I was also given one free year of Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan. Quite honestly, I wasn’t that interested in having any of the inspections done since I had just had my HVAC checked in November; however, due to the cold weather one of the contactors in the outside unit had welded together which resulted in the unit not shutting off. Jeremy was able to fix it for me and to save me an increased Dominion Power bill. Tony, Steve and Adam also visited on 2/6/2018 while the improvements to my security system was being made. These technicians were amazing and I was impressed with everything they did in their inspections. My house is 30+ years old and it was nice to have a professional person to tell me everything looks ok at the moment and offered suggestions on improvements or repairs that may be in the future.

I just can’t say enough for the service I received from Diane walking into my home in Dec. and the final job being completed in February. I love knowing Woodfin is a local company and if I have a question or problem, I can call and actually talk to someone…that’s rare anymore with any type of service company. Your company needs to “toot” its horn a little more on the TV advertisements. YOUR company would be hard to beat in customer satisfaction. Thank you so much!

Sincerely yours,

Linda S.
February 12, 2018

Dear Mr. Woodfin:

Thank you! I want you to know how helpful your men were. I am listing names and titles below. They were so helpful in every way and did their jobs so quickly and so well. Our furnace was replaced (and the air conditioner).

First technician, Eric Parrish, came to the house. That night, Alex Bruster (Comfort Advisor) came. Every person was so helpful and worked as hard as possible. We had no heat at all.

Next was Keith Hudson and Son – he worked so long and was here at 8:30 a.m. and stayed late. We had four Woodfin trucks here one afternoon – Brett and Michael stopped by to help. It’s heart warming to know that there are still people like these men in the world.

Thank you for having such a fine company. We were freezing and so thankful to have ti end as quickly as possible.


Joan W.
January 17, 2018

P.S. In the 1930s my father was an architect and Woodfin delivered our oil!

Dear Woodfin Friend,

I am a long-time native of Richmond, but I can seldom recall a moment any more frightening than the wind storm of March 3rd. It would have been much worse had it not been for your Woodfin service technician, Scott Garten. He spent considerable time checking out my gas furnace to verify that it was still satisfactorily operating and then checked out other associated parts. His decision that the high winds were causing the problem was both correct and reassuring and I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank you my Woodfin friends. You have never let me down.

Most sincerely,

William S.
Henrico, VA

6-16-17_Virginia_R.pngTo All of the Team of Woodfin

As a friend and customer, thank you for your policy, belief, and goal from the top official (President), to the representative in providing trustworthy services to my products of heating and air conditioning units.

I give praise to Ryan E., the services technician in performing all areas of inspection and maintenance to both systems. Due to his interest and concern, assurance of my experiencing reliable comfort was given.

It is a person like Ryan representing Woodfin; results in trust of the "Woodfin Team"!

Thank you for the confidence and loyalty, trustworthiness I have for many years as a customer and friend.


Virginia R.
June 16, 2017

dewey_5-16-17.pngTo Whom it May Concern

This is a letter of appreciation from Dewey and Patricia B. of Richmond, VA for a Job Well Done by Woodfin.

Just wanted to let all the people at Woodfin know that the group a great job with the installation of our Generator.

When Steve T. and his group arrived the first day of the installation there were a few obstacles that had to be dealt with before they could begin. After a few discussions and more inspection of the possibilities, Steve T. set out to resolve the situation. He and Charles worked into the first night to make sure that we were not without power during the evening. Both my wife and I were grateful to their stamina to keep going into the evening until the task was done.

Even though all the many workers who worked on this project were dedicated to their jobs, very friendly and did an exquisite job in getting the jobs done need recognition.

Congratulations to all who did a great job. We are very proud of the work done and felt that Steve and Charles deserve a bit of extra credit for the great job.


Dewey & Pat
May 16, 2017

Barton_C_2-20-17.pngHello Friends,

Once again Woodfin has our respect and thanks. We had a generator problem last week, and the young lady on the phone – worry, have forgotten her name – was prompt in getting help lined up for us.

Patrick M. came out, promptly in the time frame indicated, I might add, which was a big help. He sized up the problem very quickly, and outlined it to me. Turns out there was a bit more to it that "met the eye". He was able to correct it and then did an excellent job of discussing future options with me should it occur again. Not only was he technically competent, but also very pleasant to deal with. He is a credit to your organization.

Thanks for taking good care of us; as we age (>75+ now), that becomes more and more important. We are hoping to stay in our own home a while longer!

Very best,

Barton C.
February 20, 2017

ashton_1-20-17.pngJACK WOODFIN, CEO & President

Woodfin just completed the installation of a whole house generator at my home in Midlothian, VA and I wanted to express our appreciation for the outstanding work by Woodfin.

Special thanks to Alex B. who convinced me to buy from Woodfin. He was very professional in assessing our needs and matching the proper generator.

Special thanks also to the following for their outstanding work. Kyle V, Billy C. and Patrick M. plus those in the office who handled the many calls.

I'm sure they would have preferred less "supervision" by me, but I like to watch professionals at work.

Thanks to all for this professional performance.

Ashton V.
January 6, 2017

robert_s_12-21-16.pngRepair of Oil Heating System

I have been a customer of Woodfin for heating oil, furnace installation and repair, and yearly maintenance since October 1984 – when I purchased my Chester home and inherited the existing maintenance account. During those 32 years, I have received quality service each time that I dealt with a Woodfin team member.

My most recent need was last week on 16 December when my oil furnace ceased operating during the polar vortex. I use this letter to note my appreciation for the thorough and quality repair work to my oil heating system that Dylan G., your technician, provided on that late afternoon into the dark evening. Dylan arrived at 5pm at dusk, having already spent a full workday servicing other accounts. Yet, for over an hour, he avoided doing a rushed good-for-now job, but instead did a deliberate step-by-step repair and also addressed my questions concerning my underground oil tank and how much expected life remained for the circulating pump of the furnace. Then, when my job was completed and we were in the dark of evening at the Woodfin van as he prepared my invoice, he noted that his laptop listed several more jobs yet to be addressed. However, Dylan didn't complain to me, but simply viewed these assignments as part of his responsibilities as a Woodfin technician. To me, Dylan's dedication and emphasis on quality makes him a Woodfin team member among the best.

If you so choose, you may use this letter as one of your testimonials.

Robert S.
December 21, 2016

marilyn_g_12-15-16.pngDear Ms. Bamman,

I want to thank you for the service that you have give us over the past year. As you know we bought two new units from Atlantic. When Woodfin bought out Atlantic we were worried that going from a small company to a large company might mean less care and personal service.

You have made all the difference in the world for us and we are glad that we are covered under your Comfort Protection Plan. Because of your personal concern and ability to made an adjustment in our billing we have tried (in small ways) to "pay it forward" for others at this time of the year. We call it the "Amber Effect."

We want to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy, Fun-filled New Year.


Marilyn G.
December 15, 2016

kim_11-26-16.pngDear Mr. Woodfin,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the service your company provides, and more specifically, the professionalism and expertise of your employees.

Two weeks ago I had the unfortunate experience of smelling natural gas as I entered my house. I called the City of Richmond, who promptly turned my gas off and put a "boot" on the meter. After posting on my neighborhood app for recommendations for a Gas Certified Plumber, a handful of neighbors suggested Woodfin. Gene H. appeared at my house for the first visit and determined that I had 8 gas leaks in my crawl space. Two days later, he and another employee came and did all the repairs in a timely and efficient manner. They spent extra time just to be sure that there were no more leaks. They cleaned up as if they had never been there, and I was good to go. I was so impressed by Gene, who possesses knowledge skills, and exhibits a very friendly personality. At that point, I called Woodfin to establish an account and register for a gas/plumbing protection plan. I wanted to feel secure knowing that I would always have your company available in the even of another urgent situation.

Having moved to Richmond 6 years ago, initially I had to choose contractors without really knowing their reputation or customer care history. Unfortunately in 2010 I had another company install gas logs. At the time, I felt like I had been taken advantage of in terms of cost and quality of the product. I had actually recently had them scheduled to come repair the logs, but they were so backed up, I had a 4 week wait just to get them to my house. Since I was so elated with my Woodfin service, again, I called and within the week Keith arrived and attempted to service my gas logs., cancelling my appointment with the original plumber. Unfortunately, the logs/burner were so poor in design there was nothing Keith could do but offer me a new set. He promptely went back to the office, and within 15 minutes called an offered me an "open box" set at a reduced price. He returned the next week to complete the install. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new set, and as he said, I went from a Pinto to a Cadillac with the quality of my new logs. Keith also performed the plumbing inspection of my house with precision and efficiency. He was also very personable and I enjoyed talking to him (while he worked, of course).

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the manner in which your technicians perform their jobs, without pressuring the customer to purchase more than necessary. Also by offering open box materials, I felt like Keith was trying to help me without gouging my wallet. There are so many companies out there who provide sub-standard service, poor quality product, and prices that are out of this world. Please accept this as my sincere appreciation for a great company. I will definitely recommend Woodfin to my friends and co-workers in the future. In fact, I already have. My plan is to purchase the whole house protection plan. Please congratulate your employees on jobs well done!

Sincerely yours,

Kim R.
November 26, 2016

rober-m_10-27-16.pngDear Mr. Woodfin,

We would like to praise your employee, Debbie. Somehow there was a mixup in our accounts, which no one could understand. Debbie stepped in and wouldn't let it go until it was solved.

You are very fortunate to have an employee that will take so much time with a customer.


Mr. & Mrs. Robert M.
October 27, 2016

john-b-8-31-16.pngDear Mr. Woodfin,

First, I am one of your new customers from Fuel Oils, Inc.

Second, today I had my first oil heat tune up and system evaluation provided by your technician, Chris B.

I would like to commend Chris on the professional way he conducted the inspection and his knowledge of our oil system and the answers he provided to the questions I had regarding our system and the many services Woodfin can offer their customers.

Hats off to Chris; a valuable asset to Woodfin.


John B.
August 31, 2016

barton-c-7-18-16.pngATTN: Generator Dept.

I want to express my thanks for the fine job that Brent E. did in servicing my generator last week. It had run extensively during our recent severe storm (4 days), and I as glad to have it checked and maintained.

Brent was most courteous, and very knowledgeable. He answered several questions I had, as this had been the first extensive utilization of the generator since installation.

You are well served to have him on your team. My thanks to him and all of you!

Barton C.
July 18, 2016

beverly-6-10-16.pngTo Whom it May Concern:

On June 2, 2016 Randy M. installed a new vanity in my bathroom. He did an excellent job and I have been trying to give feedback using reviewbuzz but unable to do so successfully, hence, I am writing this note.

Randy patiently and effectively installed a new vanity in an old bathroom. He appeared on the time promised and I was very pleased with his work. I hope you will relay this to him and to all concerned.

Thank you,

Beverly G.
June 10, 2016

stephen-4-2016.pngRE: Commendation of Woodfin Staff

Ladies and/or Gentlemen:

This is to commend your staff and, therefore, the management team and the company as a whole with regard to your services rendered at the above house of my wife Jane and me. I send you this handwritten letter, because I fell short in my efforts yesterday to use my computer to send commendations/reviews by way of www.reviewbuzz.com and Better Business Bureau to which these came to me 2 or 3 emails suggesting I was not getting through. I am a 69 yr. old recent retiree who managed a fair amount of success in my career w/o developing as much computer skills as are possessed by my 10 and 12-yr. old grandkids. Rather than give up sending reviews I am thinking is better to send old-fashioned hand writing.

Jane and I bought this house just more than a year ago, and our calling on Woodfin for service has just begun this past month, and there are 8 of your people have come to the house, whose praises I wish to set forth here (others of your office staff with whom we have communicated by phone also are to be commended in general, though their names are not here mentioned.)

In my review of the eight Woodfin team members I am affirming that I found every one of them to be worthy of receiving a grade of A for such as being knowledgeable, on time, efficient, prepared, friendly, and willing and able to anticipate and answer clients' concerns and questions. And while I find all eight of Woodfins' staff to be worthy of A grades, I wish to acknowledge my sense that even among the A students here I believe some to be even A+. Here are the names of these fine staff members:

  • Benjamin P. – A+
  • Robert A. – A
  • Lucas H. – A
  • Tim W. – A+
  • Jeremy B. – A+
  • Jesse A – A
  • Steve C. – A+
  • Daren L. – A+

Based upon my recent experience with these persons I find myself thinking of Woodfin as a most worthy business community, one to be proud of.


Stephen S.
April 22, 2016