20200723-IMG_0147-SMALL-CROPPED.pngWhat will you do when the lights and power go out again? Are you willing to throw away all that food? Remember last time, when you charged your cell phone in the car?

With Woodfin's emergency home standby generators, you get power no matter what. Rest easy knowing Woodfin will get you through summer thunderstorms to winter snowstorms with power.

At Woodfin, we offer both propane generators and natural gas generators, so you have the option to select a generator that fits your home and needs. Woodfin Electrical installs the best home standby generators like our dependable standby generator from Eaton (a division of Generac). Using new technology, generators like ones from Eaton automatically start themselves to provide emergency backup power during blackouts. When the main power is restored, the generator will also automatically shut itself off, so you don't have to lift a's that easy!


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