woodfin-image-COMFORT-DT17139969.jpgEach day, more of your earnings slip through the cracks in your walls, windows and doors; exit your attic; and go up the chimney in the form of heated or cooled air. So that's the problem...whats the solution? Woodfin's Comfort Energy Solutions! We work with you to help you identify and repair air leaks, while significantly lowering your energy bills and improving your comfort for years to come. As energy costs continue to rise, now's a perfect time to consider Woodfin Comfort Energy Solutions' services. We look forward to the opportunity to analyze the performance of your home and it's existing comfort systems, while subsequently recommending energy-saving corrective measures.

What services does Woodfin Comfort Energy Solutions perform?
We can perform two types of tests in your home to find out how much energy your home may be wasting:


We will visually inspect your home and make recommendations as to how you can conserve energy and save money.

woodfin-van-hvac-ac-virginia.jpg2. WOODFIN HOME ENERGY ASSESSMENT

This comprehensive home assessment, which assesses your home from top to bottom, includes a special "blower door test" to pinpoint air leakage. We will use thermal imaging cameras to identify areas of costly infiltration. We will also look at your heating and air conditioning equipment, insulation levels, air sealing, windows and doors, appliances and lighting. Our special computer software then generates an official grade rating - your home's personal "report card" identifying areas where energy-efficiency, comfort, health and safety improvements can be made.

This test normally costs $400 but we are running a Special for $300.

What are the "solutions" that Woodfin Comfort Energy Solutions provides?
Woodfin can help identify short- and long-term solutions to remedy any problem areas in your home:

  1. High-efficiency heating and air conditioning products
  2. Attic and crawlspace insulation and sealing
  3. Air filtration systems
  4. Air purification systems
  5. Sealing home envelope air leaks
  6. Attic radiant barriers
  7. Weather-stripping and window sealing
  8. Humidification and dehumidification
  9. Mold concerns
  10. Water-saving plumbing fixtures
  11. Electrical surge protection
  12. Indoor Air Quality products for dust and allergies
  13. Many other items that help you save on all your utility bills!
  14. Thermal camera imaging of your home

How do I find out more about Woodfin Comfort Energy Solutions?
To schedule your Woodfin Home Energy Savings Review or an Home Energy Assessment, or just to ask us a few questions, please call us today at 804-730-5000 or contact us online. We will get back to you ASAP!

Lower your energy bills and your environmental impact ... while increasing your comfort and your property value - with Woodfin Comfort Energy Solutions!