Earn 20x Woodfin Paw Points each year that your comfort protection plan renews.

Our comprehensive service plans save homeowners throughout the Richmond area money on energy, maintenance and repairs on their HVAC equipment, while improving system performance and extending equipment lifespan!

We’ve outlined some brief descriptions of each plan. For more details on any plan, please click on the links and download a copy of the plan.

Our plans include:

  1. Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan
  2. Oilheat Maintenance Comfort Protection Plan
  3. Oilheat Comfort Protection Plan
  4. Natural Gas/Propane Heat Comfort Protection Plan
  5. Heat Pump Comfort Protection Plan
  6. Air Conditioning Comfort Protection Plan
  7. Plumbing Comfort Protection Plan
  8. Electrical Comfort Protection Plan
  9. Air Cooled Standby Generator Comfort Protection Plan
  10. Liquid Cooled Standby Generator Comfort Protection Plan


We offer a variety of comfort protection plans, which cover the critical components of your home such as heating and air conditioning equipment, generators, plumbing and electrical systems. We are also proud to offer a "Whole Home Comfort Protection Plan," which covers heating and air conditioning equipment, plumbing and electrical under one plan. We can also customize your Whole Home Comfort Plan, by offering additional coverage based on the systems in your home.

All of our comfort protection plans include substantial discounts or allowances on all parts and labor, and many include no trip charge fees!