electrical_panel.pngSafety, Safety, Safety. Electrical systems are the most overlooked system in a house. Modern lifestyles have changed the amount of power the average American home consumes. At Woodfin, we offer panel upgrades. Have one of our professional electricians evaluate your home's electrical panel system today.

Wires, fuses and circuit breakers wear out over time. In addition, a large wiring project adds a considerable load to your main electrical service. In about 25 percent of all homes, some type of service upgrade is needed before new wiring can be installed. Your Woodfin electrician will be able to tell you what those requirements are.

An electrical panel upgrade may be necessary if your main breaker trips a lot. Odds are, if your home has a gas stove, gas- or oil-fired water heater and gas- or oil-fired furnace, 100 amps may be fine, although some new circuit breakers may be needed to spread the load around. When you replace any of the above items with an electric model, that's when they start eating up your power reserve. Also, you may not have enough outlets available, especially in the kitchen, given the amount of food preparation appliances these days.

Whether you’re increasing the number of circuits with a room addition, wiring a remodeled kitchen, or adding an outdoor circuit, it pays to plan for enough electricity to meet peak needs. All panels installed by Woodfin electricians have a lifetime warranty on the panel and the breakers. The installation includes a whole house grounding system and a complimentary one year electrical service plan to help protect your entire home's electrical system.

Remember, we now live in a highly technological world where fuse-blowing gadgets are created everyday. Get prepared! To get your free panel upgrade estimate, schedule your consultation today, or to have one of our expert electricians install a new panel upgrade in your home, contact us.