Brian-Lights.jpgDid you know that your average smoke detector has a reliable life span of only 7 years? That’s it, 7 years. With this statement, how many smoke detectors need replacing in your house? The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommends replacing all smoke detectors within 10 years of manufacture date (usually stamped on unit). Code standards have changed regarding the locations and amount of smoke detectors needed in a residential setting. A 1,800 square foot home built in the 1980’s may have only been required to have one smoke detector for each level of living space. Today that same size home would be required to have one smoke detector inside each bedroom, each hallway, and each floor of living space and/or basement. Woodfin offers many solutions to accommodate home of all ages. One popular solution includes the choice of individual Lithium-Ion battery operated detectors. Check with your Woodfin Electrical team for your homes best options.