surge-protector-electrician-richmond-va.pngThe value of whole house surge protectors is immeasurable. Nearby lightning strikes, large equipment cycling on and off at nearby factories, downed power lines and even powering up or down your larger appliances in your own home are all sources of power surges.

There are many pieces of equipment in your home that need surge protectors: computers, monitors, printers, faxes, television, gas ranges, washers, dryers and new HVAC systems - in other words, any item containing microprocessors require surge protection.

To replace just the electronic equipment in the average home is about $8,000. Add in just a few extra items like a sophisticated entertainment system or home office and the cost can rise dramatically up to $20,000. All of these are protected when you install a Woodfin surge protector. Our surge protectors have a $75,000 connected appliance/electronics warranty and the unit itself comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. Replacing these items will usually exceed the cost of having a Woodfin electrician install a surge protector. So, don't let a lightning strike wreak havoc with your sensitive electronics - contact Woodfin’s electricians today for safe, secure surge protection.

Complete home surge protection packages are available. Ask your Woodfin Electrician how to protect your phone and cable lines, too.

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