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Why Purchase a Generator?

Losing power is the ultimate inconvenience. Power outages mean no lights, no TV, no internet, a dead cellphone, no air conditioning, no power to operate medical care devices, and you may even end up with a trash can full of perfectly good food gone bad. Why gamble with your comfort and daily conveniences that make life easy, enjoyable, and productive? Live life uninterrupted with a whole-home generator from Woodfin!

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Why Purchase a Generator from Woodfin?

At Woodfin, we promise a qualified Woodfin technician (no subcontractors) for all phases of your generator installation. We will handle everything from the installation of the generator, electrical hook-up, gas piping, propane (if applicable) and we file the permits. We also will let you know what to expect through the whole installation process. Our generators are also backed by our Two-Year Satisfaction Guarantee and our Two-Year Start Up Guarantee. If a Woodfin installed generator fails to start during a power outage in the first two years due to a preventable mechanical condition, we will issue you a $250 credit. Woodfin also has financing options available. Visit our financing page to learn more.

Choose from a Range of Sizes

Whether you'd like a generator to power your whole home, a few select circuits, or somewhere in the middle, we can help you find a generator that's just the right size for you and your home.

Choose Propane or Natural Gas

If your home has a natural gas line, we’ll use that to fuel your new generator. If you don’t have a natural gas hookup, we’ll set your generator up to run on propane instead.


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