NeedImagex349w_208h.jpgOur Richmond, Virginia customers can rest assured that they're safe with heating oil.


  • Today's oil tanks are designed with corrosion-resistant materials for long life and safety.


  • A tank on a homeowner's property puts him/her in charge of supply.
  • The homeowner pays only for heating oil received and uses only what is needed.
  • Automatic delivery assures that the homeowner won't run out of heating oil.


  • Tanks can be located in the basement, garage, underground or next to the home.
  • New tanks are compact in size, and can be hidden away in small nooks.
  • Attractive tank enclosures can be custom-built.

What if a tank leak occurs?

Whether you use standard heating oil or biofuel, Virginia provides additional protection for homeowners and businesses in the rare case of a petroleum leak from a tank. Please review the information on the Virginia Department of Environment Quality website. For help with the clean-up of the oil spill please contact JL Bishop Contractor Inc. If financial help is needed with clean-up the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund is available to help to recover the costs of the leak.

A leaking oil tank is not only a hazard to the environment, but it is also unlawful. If you suspect that your tank is in need of replacing, please give us a call. We will come out and inspect your tank and offer an estimate for replacement.