Automated homes have appeared in science-fiction stories for decades, but until recently home automation was only available to a select few. Now, thanks to the Woodfin Home Automation System, you can easily enjoy the comfort and convenience of this high-tech amenity, and best of all, your home will never be left unattended again. Instead, it will be constantly protected and connected, and so will you! Left the lights on? No problem! Doors unlocked? Don't worry! Woodfin's Home Automation System takes care of all this and more. Here's how.

To put it simply, the Home Automation System turns an ordinary home into a smart home. This might seem like an over-simplification, but it's pretty accurate. In fact, the Home Automation System works extremely similar to the way your smartphone works, with a personalized interface and easy programmability, and it actually integrates directly into your smartphone or tablet. Using these devices you can:


Complete Home Awareness




Energy Management

  1. Energy Saving Goals
  2. Location Automation
  3. Smart Scheduling

Home Automation

  1. Remote Control
  2. Notifications
  3. Smart Scheduling

Damage Prevention

  1. Alerts
  2. Water Damage
  3. Frozen Pipes & Humidity

Access and Control these
key elements from anywhere:

Thermostats • Lights • Energy Meter
Door Locks • Garage Doors • Video Cameras
Image Sensors • Water Protection
Smart Energy Switches and More!


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  • Access door locks, lights and other home appliances from cable boxes and stereos to microwaves and crock pots
  • Adjust your thermostat, managing everything from temperature zones to humidity settings
  • Turn your water heater and sprinkler system on and off and even shut off your home's main water valve if necessary
  • Monitor what's going on inside and outside of your home in real time with a live video camera feed
  • Manage your home's energy consumption, setting cost-reduction goals, scheduling on/off times and charting your savings

Did you know that the average DVR-equipped cable box uses $10 worth of electricity every month? That means if you have four DVR boxes in your house, you could be spending an extra $40 a month, and that's aside from the additional charges you already pay the cable company. Woodin's Home Automation System lets you reduce your electricity costs quickly and effectively by setting on/off times for each connected appliance in your home. Like all aspects of the Home Automation System, your energy consumption management tool is easy to use, intuitive, and backed by the experts in Your Woodfin Home Team.

Unlike the cable company or the utility, who might offer high-tech devices without high-quality service to match, Your Woodfin Home Team is happy to integrate all of your appliances and equipment into your Home Automation System. We hook up everything from the light switches and door locks to the video cameras, water sensors and home energy meters. But we don't stop there! If something goes wrong inside or outside of your home, we'll be alerted immediately and respond by dispatching the appropriate team member to your home. If a pipe bursts, our plumbing division rushes to the scene. If your furnace or air conditioner malfunctions, our HVAC experts will be on their way.

In a way, home automation is the evolution of home comfort, a logical step forward that makes your life easier and more convenient and your home safer and more secure. Let Woodfin help you take that step and "get connected." Contact us or call 804-730-5000 to schedule your FREE Home Automation System consultation.