NeedImagex349w_208h.jpgA cornerstone of any smart home, smart thermostats bring together all four Cs of Woodfin Home Automation: Comfort, Control, Convenience and Conservation.

  • You’ll enhance your comfort by getting exactly the temperature you want exactly when you want it.
  • You’ll experience greater control by being able to monitor and manage your home’s energy use in real time.
  • Your heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems will be so much more convenient when you can adjust them from anywhere, with the tap of a finger.
  • You’ll conserve energy by using less whenever you’re away.

Smart thermostats take temperature programming and scheduling to the next level, by using integrated home automation devices to learn your ideal heating and cooling schedule.

Using wireless temperature sensors, the smart thermostat can detect where you are in your home and concentrate your heating and cooling system’s power there in order to maximize comfort and efficiency.

It’s the smartest thermostat yet, and it’s available now as part of your Woodfin Home Automation suite.