home-low-temp-alarm.jpgIn many instances, a constant temperature is vital to company or facility operations. Warehouses, commercial refrigerator/freezers, computer rooms, data centers, laboratories, healthcare services and archival rooms rely on carefully controlled environments to ensure the stability of the products and equipment within. A spike or drop in temperature could be disastrous. Low-temperature alarms installed by the professional technicians from Woodfin Security also protect empty buildings, such as vacation homes, by sending an alert if the temperature falls below a predetermined level.

A state-of-the-art temperature monitoring system, installed by the licensed professionals at Woodfin Security, will alert you when the temperature reaches a dangerous degree point, and enable you to correct the issue before it's too late.

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A low-temperature alarm supports your conservation efforts by enabling you to set an energy-saving low temperature in a vacation home or cabin that is sufficient to protect the structure and its pipes while using as little fuel as possible. A low-temperature alarm is programmed to call a designated set of phone numbers if the temperature falls below a predetermined level, so you can save energy while keeping the house or cabin safe.

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