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Insulation-Blown-In_x300w.pngA home with outdated insulation – or no insulation at all – will struggle to retain any conditioned air created by your home’s heating and cooling systems. If you’ve noticed issues such as uneven temperatures, drafts and cold spots, your home’s insulation could be the culprit.

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The Importance of Proper Home Insulation

insulation_2_350w.pngYour Richmond home has a lot of nooks and crannies that you may not be able to see, but conditioned air has no problem finding them and escaping! That escaping air can be the reason you still feel cold during the winter or hot in the summer in spite of running your comfort systems all day long.

What’s the answer to these drafty-home blues? Insulation!

Insulation installed in attics, garages and basements as well as the floors, walls and ceilings of a home do more than just keep conditioned air in. There are other benefits to a properly insulated home as well, including:

Improved Comfort

As a result of conditioned air being kept inside the home, winter and summer days won’t feel as cold or hot because there are fewer drafts, fewer instances of cold and hot spots and a more even temperature throughout the home.

Lower Energy Costs

Preventing conditioned air from escaping means your heating and cooling equipment has less work to do, decreasing the number of times the HVAC system has to turn on throughout the day. This puts money back into your pocket as you spend less on utility and fuel costs.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Since heating and cooling equipment isn’t working as hard in a properly insulated home, it isn’t consuming as much energy. Reducing energy consumption and waste help reduce a household’s carbon footprint as well as the impact on the environment.

Sound Proofing

Home insulation does more than just help maintain temperatures. It also helps absorb the sounds that bounce off of the walls and floors of a home, making it easier to enjoy the comfort of home with a quieter environment.

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